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How do you find out someones info via their license plate?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) May 12th, 2009

The question pretty much says it all. I am curious how you can find info out about someone via their license plate. Any advice?

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Hire a private detective? Other than that you’re pretty screwed unless this person has wronged you in some way. If that’s the case you can call non-emergency, explain your situation and a cop will tell you what you need to know. When I had a stalker, I was able to find out about past offenses, what his real name was and where he lived. Depending on whether or not you get an address probably varies from cop to cop, too.

There is a website that you can pay to get info on people by using their plate number, but the Drivers Privacy Protection Act prevents most people from obtaining such information. The site might be there to steal your money, and apparently they can only search in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

If you’re not from any of those states, I don’t suggest trying it. I also may not try it simply for the fact that they probably rip you off. May I ask what you need such a service for?

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got scamed, but got the plates. made a report but the cops don’t want to do anything about it unless I have a name and an address. Can’t blame them they are over worked as it is. The plates were from florida so I guess I’m still good on that. My cousin who is a cop in another city said to try the prosecutors office but said it may be a long shot. He would look it up for me but someone in the city he works for got in big trouble for revealing “joe the plumbers” address this last fall so they are real anal about that kind of stuff. Its frustrating, theres a decent chance I could atleast get a name if someone would take 10 minutes to look into this whole thing.

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What exactly did you get scammed for? Depending on the seriousness, if you’re able to get a cop to take a statement – in person – they will take down any information about the person that you’re able to give to them. If they see the person as any kind of threat, they’ll automatically scan the plate number to see if the person has any priors. If the person that scammed you hasn’t done anything they deem to be seriously threatening, even if they come up with the name and address, you most likely won’t get the person’s information.

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check your comments I sent you a link, I don’t really care about getting the persons info myself. If the cops don’t want to investigate it I do. But if I can get them to look into it and at least show me a photo lineup then maybe we got something if I can pick the guy out. I am sure its a long shot but I don’t know I don’t want to just give it up.

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If you got scammed, it could be a civil matter rather than a criminal one. Have you tried a lawyer?

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yeah but its gonna cost me money even for a consultation and they will probably tell me its a long shot anyways.

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use a cop friend.

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