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Would you go to the movie theater alone?

Asked by oratio (8920points) May 12th, 2009

I want to go see the new Angels and Demons but no one else wants to go. Don’t know if I’ll go alone. Did that once, and that was uncomfortable. Don’t know why really. What is it with cinema that makes it a social gathering? I mean you just sit there and shut up anyway, no talking allowed.

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Depends on what’s playing ;-)

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I don’t go to movie theaters at all, but my adult Grandson goes to see movies by himself when he wants to, and his friends aren’t available.

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I have.. but even though you don’t really talk to other people during a movie.. it’s still more fun to have them there. But in a pinch.. yes.. I certainly would go alone.

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Not a problem, if others dont have time i often go myself…

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I often go alone, doesn’t bother me in the least. I like the freedom of doing lots of things on my own, don’t have to adhere to anyone’s time schedule except my own, see what movie I want, eat where and when I want. Doing things on your own is definitely underrated.

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It also includes that I want to talk about the movie afterward. But I guess I’ll face my fears then. Thanks for the answers.

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It’s absolutely fine to go to the cinema alone! Just as it’s also fine to go to a restaurant alone, go on holiday alone, go to a music show alone, and so on. People are far too concerned with being sociable in all situations and I think it’s really sad that most people are unable to thoroughly enjoy their own company and make quality time for themselves, alone.

I really don’t think watching a film is a social activity. Sure, it’s interesting to have someone to talk to about it afterwards, but that can still happen at a later date. Sometimes I think people take friends to the cinema because they think they won’t be entertained otherwise; in those situations, I’m always baffled as to why people pay to see a film when they anticipate it won’t be intriguing enough to demand their full attention throughout.

The fact that most people go in pairs or groups doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do things. I think if you have the confidence to not do what everyone else is doing (even if that means standing out a bit), then that’s great. I hope you enjoy the film!

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I worked at a movie theater for three years. Going to a movie alone is normal. People did it all the time. Trust me, people didn’t sit around saying, “That guy doesn’t have friends.”

A lot of us were nerds and preferred to watch the film alone.

So my point is….. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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I go alone whenever there’s a movie playing that no one else wants to see. What’s the big deal? I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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Of course you can go alone. It’ll just be harder to find someone to chat about, so come back online and I guarantee you’ll find a group willing to discuss it.

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I go alone if it’s something I really want to see. It’s kind of nice to get away and be alone for a while.

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I’ll even go to a restaurant alone

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I go alone and it’s very peaceful. When my husband feels the need to ask me dumb questions like, “did you see that?” Of course I did, I’m sitting watching the same movie. Duh. I just like going alone. I really don’t go that often.

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I’ve gone by myself a few times. I was going to suggest what dynamicduo mentioned. I’m sure you’ll find a few Flutherites willing to discuss it with you.

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I do it all the time. Its fine.

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One of my very favorite things in the world is going to the movies alone. I get my soda, popcorn and M&M’s and love every single second of it. Go, have fun, enjoy the movie. You are about to discover one of the great joys of life!

@cprevite, I like going to restaurants alone too, it is relaxing to sit with a book, or just sit back people watching and daydreaming.

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I do it all fairly frequently. I think it’s a real treat to go to a matinee on a day off when every other sucker is at work. My local cineplex usually has one arthouse film showing in a small theater and often when I go in the afternoon there are only one or two other people watching it. I think it’s fun; I always feel like I pulled one over on life when I do it.

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I prefer going to the movies alone. I get to sit where I want, nobody asks me stupid questions, I can stay until the end of the credits without anybody whining at me, and I can quietly think about what I just saw on the drive home.

I am a grouchy film geek whose only film geek friend lives half the country away.

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Once i was mad at my girlfriend and we were supposed to go to a movie that night so I told her i didn’t want to go, and i went alone. I found it relaxing. The best part was I really got into the movie. I wouldn’t suggest going to a movie alone on a friday night, but i see nothing wrong with going to a movie alone from time to time.

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@SuperMouse: I love people watching. It’s practically a sport. I feel like I’m researching for a novel I’ll never write.

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I, too, often go to the movies alone. It means I don’t have to worry about anyone else besides myself, I can pick where I want to sit, and I can really get into the movie if I want.

However, the one caveat I have run into is that I need to wear my wedding ring and practice my “go away” look. Now that I am in my fifties guys of a similar age seem interested in chatting with me at the movies. Since I go in order to see the movie I really don’t want to talk to anyone.

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I go to many places by myself, the movie theater included. I’ve found that going places alone isn’t nearly the horror that I was told it would be. Sometimes I just want to do things by myself and other times if there’s no one to go with me, doing a thing or going someplace by myself simply isn’t a big deal.

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I don’t go to the movie theater alone. I have a decent home theater setup (although it’s in pieces at the moment because I just got a new TV), and so given the choice between $20 at the movie theater and $5 at home, $5 at home wins.

On the other hand, if I’m with people, I’ll pay the extra money for the social aspects.

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All the time.

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I’ve never gone alone but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t
but I’d probably try to find someone first
just because I have a lot of impressions often after the movie, I’d want to share them with someone

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I go alone because it’s cheaper. My wife and I could go together, but then we’d have to get a babysitter. Also, we generally have different tastes. She also often goes during the days when our daughter is at school and I’m at work.

Tonight is a rare exception, actually. We’re going out to dinner then we’re going to see Star Trek.

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I will go alone sometimes. I like talking about movies afterward with someone who’s also just seen it, but if no one is into that movie I’ll go on my own.

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@cwilbur I can’t understand why anyone would go to a theater to see a movie, because of the price. I perfer to watch in the privacy of my own home, and eat my own 30 cent popcorn, and drink my own homemade lemonade. I hate sticky floors and the mere thought of who? has been sitting in the same seat, with their arms on the same arm rest makes me queasy.

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@cwilbur Because you have a 75 foot screen with huge speakers and your 30cent popcorn does not compare to the salty crunchy heaven that you get at the theater. And lemonade sounds horrible with popcorn.

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lemonade and popcorn? isn’t that what they feed psychotics?!

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I don’t think I’d go alone. I am not the type of person who prefers to be alone. I prefer to share my joy (or misery). Just thought I’d add that in since the general opinion seems to be the opposite.

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@eponymoushipster How would you come to know that?

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@YARNLADY i lived in florida.

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I think I would go if I had the money to spare. But lately I’ve been too busy saving to spend on going to the movies.

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@GoPhillies: I think you meant to reply to @YARNLADY.

@YARNLADY: As I said, it’s the social experience of watching the movie together.

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@cwilbur Oh, I see. I also get that right here in my family room, with my family.

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I’m a movie-holic. I like seeing movies: in a movie theatre a) alone and b) with other people, and also at home with others or alone. Each has advantages and disadvantages; I don’t feel the need to argue for one over the other. Now popcron, I could argue about! :-)

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Yes, though I prefer to

And, speaking from experience, I can tell you that seeing “Born on the Fourth of July” by yourself in a nearly empty theater at midnight is not a relaxing end to an incredibly stressful and exhausting week.

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That should have been ”. . . prefer to go with someone.”

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I am…right now…standing in line…at the iMax theater…waiting to see Star Trek…alone.

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@cprevite Haha, way making a point. In live action. Ok I’ll go already. =)

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Thanks @oratio. Anything for Fluther.

PS: = William Sharner pauses.

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I loved going to the movies alone, but hated not being able to discuss the movie afterward.
Then they invented this thing called Chat rooms.
I am a happy man now. I go to movies alone all the time.

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When I was younger, no. Now I enjoy solitude more and reflecting on the artists work as I try to discover their real message is best done by yourself. I enjoy movies that reflect true artistry, not just the latest action thriller. I tag along with my kids and their friends on those type of flicks.

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I love going to the movies by myself, actually, I prefer it. The best movie experience for me is to go by myself, on a beautiful sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when most normal, sensible people are enjoying the outdoors… hardly anyone else is there… no theatre full of people, talking, moving, fidgeting, no heads in the way of my field of view, I always get my favorite seat, fifth row center, there’s no debate as to what to see, I get there on time, no worrying about whether or not the person/people I’m with like the movie or not and all in all I can become one with the film which which is the way I like it.

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Also, if you go by yourself, no one fusses if you stay to see all the credits.

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@Darwin I always torn about the staying to see the credits thing! I mean there could be a surprise at the end, but then again I can see all the same stuff on IMDB!

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@SuperMouse – But the soundtrack doesn’t play on IMDb.

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@Darwin – great point!

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Yes, I did go alone and see “Angels and Demons” yesterday, thank you @MacBean, and I felt really fine about it. Reading your testimonies before was really helpful, and it was a very nice experience actually. I don’t think I would have gone otherwise actually.

I have no idea where my impression of this social stigma comes from. It’s not like I have no friends. I kind of felt like being in a company was part of the experience.

I will do this again. But next time, I will get a smaller pop corn bucket.

I both liked and disliked the movie. The mystery feeling from the book didn’t really come out. But it was good enough, and I like Tom Hanks though every time I think of him I, an image comes in my mind of him screaming at a volleyball.

Thank you for all the answers!

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@oratio I am not a huge Tom Hanks fan, but this made me laugh out loud.

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@oratio: You’re welcome! I’m a nosy/curious little bugger. I had to ask.

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