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Hair grows profusely everywhere on my body except for my head,why is this?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 12th, 2009

At 40ish it’s like i have a mohair sweater on under my shirt,fur balls in my ears and a wire brush growing out of my nose.
Any ideas as to why the accelerated grow is not exactly happening where it’s wanted.

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Well dude, you are a troll. LMAO!!!!!!

Don’t feel bad though. All men will suffer the trolling.

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…maybe its got something to do with gravity…lol :)

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Is someone rubbing the hair off of your head? Maybe you need a little rubbing elsewhere! LOLLLL

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Too much testosterone.

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Cosmic Irony

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oh the profoundness, lol. Just another bitchslap the universe hands out like candy…

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I agree. Prepare thyself for an earth shattering bitchslap.

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i also agree,slap my bitch up!

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There IS Rogaine….......

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Ha ha ha ha ha maybe i should pluck!your bushy ass!

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@TROLL Who are you talking to there??? Listen, you pink-assed jellyfish! Are you forgetting who you’re dealing with here? These teeth will get your attention if they sink into just the right body part!!!

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White flag! white flag! you overgrown Gerbil!!!@flet

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@TROLL Okay, you’re forgiven. But just watch where you THINK you’re going to pluck next time! Believe me, confrontations with me can get very ugly! I sharpen my teeth on nuts, remember???

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Mmmmmh yes !like razorblades

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Aww, I’ll file them down if needed.

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