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Is there a noticeable issue with Jellies reading details before responding to queries?

Asked by squirbel (4277points) May 12th, 2009

I’ve noticed this; what are your observations?

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I try to read the comments, but I have a hard time with anything longer than five or six sentences. @mattbrowne, I’m looking in your direction. I usually just try to avoid those.

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I agree with @Les short and sweet is my motto

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long details are boring.

stupid fluther, be more specific!

least interesting are the 5 paragraph in one “why doesn’t he like me?” details

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I have been guilty of answering without reading the details, or sometimes I read the details but not the other responses. I recently didn’t have the patience to read one of @daloon’s replies, so I mentioned it beforehand, in case I was redundant. :-D

There have also been times where the details ask multiple questions, and I forget to respond to all of them. Usually, I will Edit my response to complete these.

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LOL Thank gawd I’m not the only one who found that annoying!

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@squirbel Yeah, I didn’t understand that one either. And the disclaimer was even emphasized. It just goes to show, I don’t understand people.

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Reading the details, I always do, unless it’s a copy and paste job. I don’t value those, I value one’s opinion or thoughts on those. Copy Pasta wastes my time, that’s why God invented the Hyperlink after all.

Long answers or large numbers of answers is another issue altogether, and is usually determined by how much time I have.

Regarding that weird question… well take a look at the user’s page, and it becomes clear that they’re fooling around here. Troll-like I would say, at least in intention, although I do find their method of illustrating the lack of detail-reading some people do to be quite ingenious.

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Jellyfish can’t read. Wait, what was the question again?

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@dd: No, the issue isn’t the quality of answers, length of answers, or the quality of the question.

It’s about why people never read the details.

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@squirbel: the question was pretty dumb, and the explanation made it clear that it was both intentionally dumb because the querent was trying to mock people and that the querent didn’t know a damn thing about cats.

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Let’s ignore the fact that I used that specific question. The fact that many people do not read details is irksome. People jump to answer questions, but aren’t helping because the details already covered what is being offered.

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If it’s a specific question, I always read the details. I may not always read all the comments though. If it’s a “do you like…” question, then I usually just respond.

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I pretty much read every. damn. word.
Much to my detriment.

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I agree, perhaps surprisingly, with the people in favor of brevity. I know it’s hard to read long treatises about whatever. So I don’t mind if you don’t read what I write. I usually write it to find out what I’m thinking, and since that’s a fairly slow process, it takes a lot for me to work it through. Occasionally, though, I am briefer.

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@dynamicduo I find myself also skipping over the copy/paste descriptions.

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Yes, I was quite frustrated with some of the answers, which made it apparent the commenter read the question, disregarded the details, and jumped me over something I would never do, LOL.

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I’m starting to get irritated with all the “please read details” I know I’m guilty of it, only because I do feel people don’t read the details which are vital to some questions.

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I believe details are added for a reason. I always read them. I think I, like most people, add details to clarify or add information and I find it annoying some people can’t take the short time it takes to read the details before answering

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I try to read the details each time, because it helps to avoid embarrassing answers, but sometimes I don’t really understand what they are trying to say.

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I generally read every word. sometimes I wish I could wash my brain I’ll admit if I didn’t. If it is one long sentence, no punctuation, I can’t do it.

I read the question about the toddler and antidepressants – I laughed. I read the details. :)

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I suppose we all have some kind of “smell” test. If something seems too ridiculous, we wonder if it’s a joke. I think that everyone has a different point at which they realize that something can’t possibly be serious.

Sarcasm can be particularly difficult to identify, unless someone tells you they are being sarcastic. It’s a tricky balance, as a person who pens such attempts at humor.

Should I tell people I’m not serious? Sometimes I put a note at the end to tell people it’s a joke. But sometimes I want to skate close to the boundry—maybe it’s for real, and maybe it isn’t. Sometimes I want it to be obvious that I’m parodying something. So I make it as outrageous as I can, and still, some people will think I’m serious.

Still, if it says that it’s a joke, it’s hard to credit that someone would think it’s serious.

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I read the details and then I read the answers already posted. Then I post my own answer if I am still awake and interested after doing all that.

However, I would like to remind everyone of something absolutely vital to my successful accomplishment of these acts:

Paragraphs are your friends. Please use them.

Thank you.

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I enjoy reading long comments and details. Not that I will say I haven’t been guilty at one time or another at missing the point.

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@Darwin One user told me that ~ means jk

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I always read the details, but depending on the topic, I might just skimm trough some of the other answers..

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I always read the details, and sometimes the comments too – it depends on the type of question – and who has asked and answered it.

If the thread is longer than 10 or so answers, you know it’s just conversation after that anyway, right?

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Awwwww… does anyone know what happened to Squirbel?

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@hearkat She came back under a new name, but has since disabled that account, too. :(

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@augustlan: That’s sad. I really liked her. I am not good a ‘recognizing’ people by what they write or how they write it, so I was unaware of her 2nd identity.

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@hearkat Don’t feel bad. I didn’t recognize her either… she outed herself in a thread a while back.

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aw thank you guys! ; ; tears of joy the prodigal squirbel has had her account reinstated!

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@squirbel: Nice to see you!

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Hi hearkat :3 <3

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@squirbel: I still don’t know who your alter ego was…

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So happy to see you here, @squirbel!

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hello augustlan! I’m happy to be back, and see all of you! I’m seeing all the changes that are in place, have more to discover :O

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