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Am i responsible for paying the shop again if i just took my car to the shop two days ago and the problem reoccured?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) May 12th, 2009

i recently had a leaky radiator replaced on my car which the last mechanic left air in my cooling system to where the coolant wasnt able to circulate through the engine causing it to overheat, so i took it to another certified auto shop and they bled the cooling system of air and got my car up and running to where it wouldnt overheat. thing is….. that was two days ago, and now its trying to overheat again. the mechanic at the shop told me to bring my car back so they can check it out again, but what i need to know is will they be responsible for the problem reoccuring, or will i be responsible for paying AGAIN? do they have to fix the problem free of charge? i just gave them $70 the day before yesterday and i dont have anymore money to put into this car right now. please help me to understand the process for this issue before i take my car back, because i dont know the proper process and i dont wanna get stiffed. THANKS.

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Questions should be short. Details should be long. Please edit.

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I would take it back and tell them they have to fix whatever they screwed up. I’ve never been charged twice for something like that.

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Nope, they apparently botched the repair and have to fix it on their own expenses. At least according to German law

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Laws depend on where you live, you know. Another area of sketchiness here is any contract you’ve signed with the mechanic regarding such things. Logically they should not charge you again as they have not completed the work you paid for initially. But logic often is not what laws are about. Contact your lawyer for a true and proper answer to your problem.

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