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I find it annoying when in a store I'm constantly asked " Can I help you find something". Does this annoy anyone else?

Asked by jessicar (225points) May 12th, 2009

It annoys the crap at of me when in a store I have employee after employee asking if they can help me find something or if I need help. I should probably appreciate the fact that there so attentive but find myself be very annoyed instead. What are your opinions on this, does it annoy you too?

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Asking me if I need help once is reasonable. Following me around and asking me every time I look up is not.

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fine, find your own damn rash ointment!

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It’s usually one of two things:

(1) They think you look suspicious, but are trying to act friendly

(2) Company policy & secret shoppers lead to over-active friendliness.

A hardware store near my house where this was rampant (well, each employee asked you once) actually got a couple of bad reviews on yelp for this. They generally left you alone after the first time, however. It also (unlike HD or Lowe’s) was very easy to get folks to help you… but that’s a different rant.

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I used to work in a retail store, and we’d be reprimanded if we weren’t always asking “clients” if we could assist them.

But yea, it’s annoying.

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I am more annoyed at places where employees are MIA entirely.

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i hate it. especially cuz i can tell they’re not being friendly, but are actually suspicious of me.

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I hate it, because I know it’s not their fault, and that they have some management fucker breathing down their necks and getting on their cases if they don’t act in this annoying manner. Believe me, THEY KNOW it’s annoying. Most of them hate it and it makes them hate their jobs. But they have bills to pay.

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Yep it annoys me but as Dog said, no clerks at all is even more annoying.

I also see a similar situation from the opposite direction. I have a small shop where I sit behind a counter immediately inside the door. It annoys me when people come in and completely ignore me sitting right there. So I make a big deal out of saying g’day and may I help you, just so they acknowledge my existence.

I know, I know, I need to get a life!

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No, it doesn’t annoy me. Understand that it’s part of their job to pay attention to you and go on with your business, a store is for doing business.

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