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What kind of gift do you get as the sponsor of someone getting inducted into the national honors society in highschool it is a teenage boy?

Asked by pumpkie (23points) May 12th, 2009

I’m going to be the sponsor for a young gentleman going into the national honors society and I must present him with a small gift and I’m clueless. I also only have one day to get it last minute notice.

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Pocket knife
Gift card to a book store
itunes gift card
Vouchers to go see a movie with a group of friends

More ideas later…

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Since when does NHS require a sponsor? I didn’t have any such thing 12 years ago….

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How much are you planning on spending?

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Not sure when they started but my son had a teacher as his sponsor but his mother passed away so I’m stepping in as its last minute. Not sure what the limit is but they said small. Thanks

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My daughter just got inducted into the NHS at her school and no one had a sponsor. I didn’t have one either when I was inducted back in the stone ages. The only gift either of us received was the little gold lapel pin.

I would agree on the gift card to a bookstore or an iTunes gift card. These days a pocket knife might misinterpreted by over-zealous school personnel. You can even get thumb drives for $10 or less, which could be useful. My daughter always needs another thumb drive.

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