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Stomach cramps and spit while running?

Asked by killertofu (115points) May 12th, 2009

whenever i run, i get wicked cramps in my abdomen (lower and mid-abdomen). what might be causing this, and how can i prevent these cramps? also, i constantly need to spit. i generate so much saliva, it seems as if im tobacco dipping. why is this?

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I would see a doctor if I were you. In the mean time, all one can say is check the basics: Do you drink enough? Do you eat properly? Do you rest enough?

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maybe you need to stretch..

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Abdominal cramps while running are very common. Likewise, excessive production of saliva while running is also fairly common (and benign). It is a result of activation of the autonomic nervous system associated with exercise.

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@shilolo how would i prevent and treat abdominal cramps?

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