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What should you really be doing as a job, career or profession?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) May 12th, 2009

did you miss your calling? anybody ever say you have a gift or knack for cooking when your actual job is delivering mail? anybody ever say “you are really in the wrong business—you are so good at this or that—you could start a business?”

what is holding you back? feel confident enough to step out on that certain talent or gift?

what is it that you do so well, but you ain’t gettin’ paid for it? what are you passionate about that could actually make you a lot of money? for some reason, you just won’t pursue “that thing you do.”

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I’m on track for PhD’s in Paleoanthropology.

But everyone who knows me likes to sprinkle the conversations of my future with how I should be an artist.

Hello!? I can do both!

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If I could just travel all over the world, write about my experiences, photograph every awesome thing I see, and get paid well for it all…sigh.
I got bills, son.

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I’m doing what I like and what I should be doing – teaching (teach 3rd grade).

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i’m in law enforcement, but have a real penchant for cooking.

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I would be an executive with a large company or corporation. In every job I ever had, my management skills and leadership abilities were recognized, utilized and encouraged with quick advancement, increased responsibilities, specialized training, etc.. I was on a path to the top when illness cut me down and forced my retirement at 46 years of age. Now I boss my dogs and cats around and drive my girlfriend crazy .

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I have a talent for something that I did pursue and make a go of but it was reliant on the talent of other people, all had to be working in cohesion. It’s something I’ll get back to, in time.

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I would be a good consultant of some sort.

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I never want a job again. I tried for years to work towards that dream. I got my degree, certificate, went through the process, submitted my resumes, got my position and was then miserable. I’ve tested for aptitude, experience and inclination and discovered one thing: I work best for myself.

I own a business that pays the bills and I expand on entrepeneurial aims daily and find that as I do what I enjoy and stop doing those things I don’t, I find a natural rhythm. I would only suggest that if you can’t do it easily and have fun at it on a weekend or with extra hours, then it’s not your best fit. For me, I had to make my own dream. I couldn’t be a bit player in someone elses.

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I’m happy with my chosen path, but it took me a long time to find it.

I often wonder what would’ve happened if I followed my musical talent somewhere, though. It’ll always be my first love.

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The job that I enjoyed most was operating a Water Taxi and catamaran hire service in the tropics. A few years ago I helped out for a few weeks while the owner, a friend, had a long vacation with his family in Europe. I absolutely enjoyed every day of it. But although it made enough to provide a living, it was well below the level my wife and I were currently earning and if I made it permanent she would have to give up her career. I have to satisfy myself with occasional sailing trips on a family yacht.

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Writing or editing. The other thing I am good at is keeping other people organized; I would be an excellent personal assistant. Kind of a right hand woman.

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just wondering why we do not pursue the real talnet or gift. you know?

i should have gone to culinary school back in the 1980s, but at the time, no man would ever do that because back then, a dude cooking in the kitchen and grilling was not recognized as talent. it seemed to be viewed as…

“are you serious? you will never be recognized as anything just cooking and sttuff.”

and then here comes bobby flay and emeril out of nowhere. who knew?

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I should probably be teaching. Or heading an activist group. Or being a community organizer. I’ve been told by several teachers that I should teach. And also been told so and elected in many positions about the other jobs. But I don’t want to teach for a living because I don’t believe in the educational system we have right now and I don’t believe in working from the inside out rather thinking outside the box. And the other two jobs don’t pay enough to live off of (and I’m not someone who needs a bunch of money to live).

Right now I work in social work. It is close to those professions but not quite the same.

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charlie… A toast to what could have been, and what might still be.

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I think I would have made a great therapist. I think about what people are telling me about their problems, etc and try to figure out why they are feeling or acting a certain way. I’ve always thought that seemed like it would be a really interesting job. I’ve really been considering going back to school next semester…I haven’t been since a bout 1996 tho. As they say, it’s never to late, I guess.

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A masseuse and shrink I would be real good at both! I could massage away your aches and pains and your mental misgivings at the same time!

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