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What do you like to do while sitting on the throne?

Asked by ptarnbsn (466points) May 12th, 2009

Ok, admit it. Everyone likes to go into the bathroom, shut the door and get some peace and quiet while doing their business. How boring to just stare at the walls if you’re going to be awhile so flutherites, what do you enjoy doing to pass your time while on the john?

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Ditto on the reading

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hmm, either I bring my laptop in there as I don’t have time otherwise or I leave the door open and talk to my husband (yes, yes, to some of you that’ll be gross, eww, nasty, blah blah blah, get it out of your system, lol)...and I have to project directions to my toddler as well

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Read, preferably the New Yorker.

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Read. I have a drawer full of books under the sink, next to the toilet.

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Either draw poker on an electronic handheld that I keep there or crossword puzzles for a change of pace.

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Once or twice, I actually sat on a throne. The Ministry of External Affairs, where I was a clerk, was housed in a nineteenth-century palace called Knowsley. It used to be a private dwelling. Halfway up the main staircase was a lavatory: the toilet itself was mounted on a mahogany stand, had a mahogany seat and cover. The fittings were brass, and it had a gravity tank. BTW, this was some 40 years ago, I suppose it is long gone. The building is still standing and is a tourist attraction.

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Honestly, I just want to be left the hell alone. I don’t want to read, talk on the phone, fluther…nothing. I want peace! I love my son to pieces, but some days (read: today) I cannot hide from him. His questions are in the millions, his constant observations are the same and his ability to turn the simplest tasks into the biggest projects are unbelievable…and he’s only 6. I can’t escape to think for a second, unless I go to the bathroom. My daughter, 15, seems to find me all the time, too. Why me?

I go to the bathroom, I want peace and quiet. I don’t want use my brain, at all. Okay, if you need brain functions to go, fine, I’ll take that and that’s all!

I love my children and I celebrate their curiosity….sometimes I gotta wonder if that strong restriction on TV is really a good idea! ;~)

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UH, OH WOW. read recipes, uh look at the morning TV news (love vanita nair on early morning new york ABC—i love her. she is so hot in my opinion.), read the bible. let’s see, talk on the phone and expel loudly or as quietly as possible depending on who i am talking to on the phone. um, let it just go and enjoy that good %^&@ that regulates. you know what i mean?

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@cak – Because you are the mom, that’s why. While they are the center of their own universes, you are the center of all universes and they gravitate to you.

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I’m not on it long enough to do much else than what I went in to do. But my roommate keeps the current week’s Time Out NY in there.

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@Darwin You would think the twitching of the eye…the snarling of the lips and the low growl would throw them off course! Persistent little buggers!

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@charliecompany34 and @kevbo – on the poopie? Bible? Pray? The POOPIE?

(hee hee)

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I keep a bible next to my toilet…... just in case i run out of toilet paper.

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Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Wood craft or Fine Wood working…‘nuff said.

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Rule my kingdom.
Actually, petting my cats. It’s amazing. As soon as my cheeks hit the seat all three of my cats come in for a little affection. I don’t know what it is but something about the potty brings out the kitties.
Oh yeah, I’ve also been known to fluther during my john time.

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Read. I always have a “bathroom book” sitting on top of my clothes hamper which is right across from the toilet. It usually has to be something I can pick up and put down frequently, something that lends itself to reading in relatively small chunks, short chapters, etc. I’ve read whole novels just on the toilet. Well, I have… not gonna lie. Not in one sitting, so to speak, it can take a while to read a whole book on the loo.

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Heh, I really have no wish to be there in the first place, try to get it done asap, and get out.

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Generally, I’m trying to relieve one kind of discomfort or another.

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I’m with @cak. I don’t bring anything in with me. I go to be alone, with no little hands grabbing at me, no whining…I just want to do my business in peace. Okay, well sometimes I bring a cat in with me to snuggle.
Sucks for us though, our bathroom door doesn’t shut (we installed a lock, but rarely use it because of how the bathroom is set up) so my toddler comes in and finds me using the potty fascinating lol

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concentrate on the art of taking a dump.
I don’t understand how other people can sit there and read and do stuff. It’s kind of weird. My dad smokes cigarettes it’s nasty,

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@adri027- Taking a dump isn’t art. It’s not art until you are drawing on the walls with it.

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Dump Art? Sounds like a new Movement. :)

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I do just about all of my reading in the bathroom. Books, magazines, sale flyers… whatever’s handy. If nothing at all is handy, I’ve been known to read shampoo bottles. Oh, yeah @adri027, I smoke in there, too!

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Oh man. I remember when I lived with my parents. The worst smell I can ever remember, is cigarettes and shit after my dad was in the bathroom. Each one individually was bad enough, nevermind putting them together.

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Read comic books or Fluther on the iPhone.

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If I don’t close the door properly various dogs and cats come in to get petted. They seem to understand how trapped someone is under those circumstances.

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No movement is new movement, but new movement is bowel movement! I have no idea what that means. I’m up past my bedtime. Tell me to go to sleep!

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Go to sleep, daloon

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I read, go through the mail, flip through a catalog, listen to phone messages or do crosswords.

@AstroChuck My cats used to come in, too. One of them was fascinated with looking through the space between the rim of the bowl and the seat. Kind of awkward for me even though she was just a cat.

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I sense the stirrings of a new movement, a welling from below. Once the movement has you in its grip, it will not let you go!

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@AstroChuck I used to have the cat problem, when they were young I lived in an apartment where the bathroom door wouldn’t close all they way. My cats, 2 of them, would always come in and they didn’t just want attention, they, both of them, absolutely had to sit on my lap while I was on toilet. It was a real problem. I finally put a latch on my door to keep them out. I really had no other choice.

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Brush my teeth if its early and im running late.

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Brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, put on make up or just sit and think while it’s quiet and no kids are looking at me.

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I think about my dad. Joking folks, have you never seen Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show?

Actually I do nothing. I’m in and out in less than a minute. That’s the fun thing with having no kids, the entire house is yours to rest and relax in, not just the bathroom :)

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@buster How can you brush your teeth while on the john? That’s just wrong!

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My SO can’t stand that I drink coffee on the potty. Why not? It helps.

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Who removed my comment? Someone can post hateful speech and he’s exonerated?

But I post a reply and an observation to mirror his venom and they remove it? There is absolutely nothing fair about that. How about I post a rant about the Koran or the Talmud as waste paper to wipe my feces with? Is that OK?
Just trying to see where the prejudiced sanctimonious atheist line is here so I don’t cross it and offend such delicate sensibilities.

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[mod says] Venom is allowed, as long as it isn’t directed at a member. Personal attacks are not permitted. For the record, I have no idea which mod removed the comment.

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I read, I fluther, I argue with Bailey or Spencer, telling them, “I don’t want you the in! Go see WTF, as the two of them are trying to shred/break down the bathdoor (by the way, these two are our dogs. Oh! Yes…. Let’s not forget about Buddy, one our cats who wants to climb om my lap… Sheess, Does no one understand that this is my time… Oh! One more thing, about every 5 to 10 minutes, I ask WTF, “are you calling me? Oh what a life…

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Really? You asked this question and I missed it?

Well, since you asked… I usually wait until the last possible second to go so that I’m not in there very long. If I think it’s going to be a while, I might take my iPhone. That’s about the extent of it.

I’ve never understood the whole “hanging out in the bathroom” thing that some people do.

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There was this guy at work that used to spend an hour or so in there every morning. I suspect that, while he really had to go, he also used it as a convenient way to avoid having to work.

The other guys used to say that the men’s room used to really stink after he had been in there. It must have been really bad because those same guys never noticed when a rat died in the drop ceiling and was almost completely rotted away before they noticed.

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Surf on my iPod Touch.

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I read… anything and everything. Have done since I was little.

Humourously, I now find is almost more difficult to go unless I am reading something… anything… I have even read the back of Q-tip boxes! LOL

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@Rachienz A kindred spirit! Welcome to Fluther. :)

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I clean the sink counter. Nothing else is in reach.

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I design kitchens in my head while I’m on the head!

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