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Has Tai Chi helped you?

Asked by Knotmyday (7511points) May 12th, 2009

If so, how?

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My sister swears by it for arthritis, lower back pain and general well-being. She says that it keeps her calmer and less keyed up. I tried it and liked its beauty, but found that my knees and lower back ached. Go figure.

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Milo here: Yoga is better for us both.

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Hi Gail! I am just starting out, at the behest of a trusted friend. I find it precise, focusing, and above all, distracting. I tried yoga, and I’m not very bendy. :)

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Hi, Ben: I lie on a heating pad for 5–10 minutes (Milo’s heat detecter finds me and he lies on top) and then I do floor yoga only. Those people in the Wellness Centers’ ads are contortionists and not normal folks.

I do my yoga based on techniques I learned at Physical Therapy after I injured lower back. The warm-up, which is actually warming up, helps. But I don’t live in the AZ desert, do I?

As far as being distracting, Tai Chi can fill up your remaining years on this mortal coil. There are endless postures and endless subtle nuanced motions.

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With the opening of one hand, my personal butterfly effect ruffles Milo’s fur. Feel that breeze?

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It’s helped me to protect my family. I just tell would-be attackers that I know both tai chi and to-fu and they run like hell.

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@Knotmyday: Oh, that was you? I thought it was the ghost of Maurice Chevalier.

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not so bad…when you consider that I was the alternative.

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Yes of course

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