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Okay, you have the attention of all the ears on Earth. What will you say?

Asked by AstroChuck (37357points) May 12th, 2009 from iPhone

Language is not a concern. The world is listening.
Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

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Do the right thing.

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listen to my story

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Love existed before war, before religion, before belongings.

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You’re not special. When you look at other people, realize this and think of what you might be like in their place.

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I would say “Love one another” but someone already said it and it fell on deaf ears so what’s the point? You can shout anything you want, every one hears you, then they go on and do whatever the hell they want to do.

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You are not a special and unique snowflake. You are the singing, dancing crap of the world.


Hot chick line forms to the left.

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“No one is above violence…bury he hatchet and let bygones be bygones.”

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Testing.. Testing… Is this thing on? ... Larry, turn down the high end, I’m getting some mean feedback….

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Don’t panic.

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“All you need is love, love…love is all you need.”

Kegger at Astrochucks!

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Mickey’s it is!

I just snorted.

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We are ONE.

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Greetings Earthlings. I come in peace.

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Dance like there is no one looking, sing like no one is listening, and love with all your heart.

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Evelyn loves you and wants you to be happy.

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Take me to your leader!

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Bring me the head of Oprah!

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HELLO! We’re looking for nuclear wessles.

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Hey babe, wanna head backstage after this for a little…SHIT, is this thing on?!

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“What are you all looking at me for? I’m just as confused as the next guy.”

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Sherry and Gary are Getting Married!

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“hey earth….fuck you!” and then i’d press the fire control and rockets would blaze through the sky ahead of me, and within hours, this planet would be the ashes of my rage…

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Now, now, Young Man!!! Really!
That is NOT a very nice thing to do to your planet!! Apologize!
Yes, come on! Say you are sorry! Planets have feelings just like rainbows and comets do.

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Logic and reason… look at the facts, educate yourself, and make your OWN decisions using your OWN brain.

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life is too short! stop regretting and LIVE!

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Hi, everybody! I’ve got pizza! :D ::grins, starts playing Parliament-Funkadelic records::

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@oratio – “A keyboard! How quaint.”

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When pigs fly…. Oh, Ellen, see the wingspread on that Berkshire!

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Thank you xxxxx

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You’ve got something in your teeth..on the, your other left…got it!

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@oratio but..i really don’t like being here, i’m like agent smith.

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@iwamoto I don’t know what you are talking about. I took the blue pill. It tasted purple

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@BBSDTfamily I have some neighbors I’d like to spay and neuter as well.

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Everyone needs a toothpick?

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Everything happens for a reason

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What do you mean “XYZ”?

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@eponymoushipster Yeah, I know. I get X, but why Z? And did you hear that 7 8 9? Horrible.

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@oratio examine your zipper.

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I keep trying to upload a jpeg with that sentiment for my avatar but keep getting stymied for some reason. File is too many MB. I’m not enough of a techno geek I guess

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I would say Go Green

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Be EXCELLENT to each other!

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If going with the thoughtful quote….
‘Empowerment – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for – Frank Chimero’
‘It was never between you and them anyway – Mother Teresa’
(This idea is also in Lennon’s Imagine – no more divides, that’d be ideal)
‘This is water’ – David Foster Wallace
(and maybe the accompanying speech for clarity)

There are so many great things that have been said (both historically and on this forum) but none of them seem to do it.

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