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What good uses could we get from bending light?

Asked by oratio (8920points) May 13th, 2009

Other than cloaking for military uses, what technologies might rise from bending light, do you think?

Any ideas? link

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optical circuitry, processors, memory chips.

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Woman would no longer have to ask “Does my rear look big in this”? They could see for themselves.

I don’t think that real bending, that is over a short distance, is likely to be possible in the foreseeable future. The sort of gravity required would cause local chaos.

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DarkScribe -> on point…

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I’m not sure but wanted to comment just so I could follow this page!.. And i@m not sure I completely understand what bending light is yet…

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@lynneblundell (Surely not the fifth estate Lynne Blundedll?) I am new here, only second day, but can’t you follow a thread without joining it? Yesterday in my travels around the forum I saw what appears to be an option to do so.

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Someone is already very close to perfecting this. The design is still translucent, however, but so is the active
Camo in Halo…

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