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How many ordained ministers do we have on Fluther?

Asked by MacBean (19524points) May 13th, 2009

In the comments on the Fluther proposal, our dear AstroChuck mentioned that he is ordained in the Universal Life Church. I am, too, and it got me wondering how many other jellies are ordained.

Also, this question definitely isn’t limited to ULC. I’m interested to know about any sort of religious officials we have here at all.

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I am ordained in ULC too. So that makes three :)

I hope you don’t mind if I add a twist to the question – if you are ordained, have you ever actually administered (okay, that is NOT the right wording) any marriages?

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Can I also add: What prompted you to become ordained? Especially if you’re an atheist.

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Oh yeah, that thing. I did it a long time ago, so technically I’m one too.

@augustlan – I have no idea why I did it. I found it comical and funny and completely illogical. If anything I use it (the ease of becoming an ordained minister in this sect) as a support of my atheist views.

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@augustlan- I was just following the “calling.”

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There’s at least one more- although he would probably never admit it. Actually, he’s a reverend. Close enough?

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Btw, I’m full of sh*t. I did it just for snicks.

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Can we have a wedding in the chat room? (Renewing of course as I am sure our our fluther-lovers will want to be eye to eye for the actual wedding)

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@AstroChuck When I read that earlier, I was thinking “boy, you must have some interesting church services” LOL.

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Sigh… I’ve been wanting to start my own religion. I’d call it Originism. It’s where you believe in the big bang, and all the rest of science, but you still wonder where the dust came from, but aren’t yet willing to label that origin of dust a God, as any primal source, or origin, must also have an origin, and that’s when you hit Pi…. origin repeating.

After that point, you’ve got to pretty much figure out what to do with your life working with the knowledge of the origin process, and evolution, and our place in it. So it comes down to Nietzche’s tragic optimism where you come to believe that the world and everything in it is inherently meaningless, so you must, therefore, make your own meaning.

And just to lay a few rules down, I’d throw the golden rule out there and let people figure out the rest. Do no harm and all that jazz.

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Sure as hell I am- Church of the Open Mind. ULC, baby!

Anybody buy the priestly getup they sell?

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