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Could you recognize friends by their style of writing only?

Asked by WifeOfBath (503points) May 13th, 2009

Do you sense a particular, or rather familiar personality in words typed?

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I would have to say yes. I spend a lot of time looking at words. I think I’ve gotten my favorite authors down to the point where if I read an exerpt I would be able to tell who. Everyone has a different writing style. I feel on computer it is the same as our handwriting in the way we word things and how we each individually come to a conclusion. I can tell my friend Alicia’s work from my friend Mary’s (regardless of the topic of discussion). I will find old stories of mine that I wrote back in high school or something and I always recognize the word even if I dont recall the plot. Very interesting question, props!

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Yes, I certainly can, although it would be considerably harder if I’d not previously seen that friend’s words in type before.

Type is full of cues to personal identification; even if you ignore the meaning articulated in the content, there are still many other things that vary from person to person. For example, punctuation, capitalisation, vocabluary and phrasing are all highly variable, and these help forge a distinct personal style.

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It would depend on the person and how large a piece of text I had to go on. In many case, yes. If it’s someone I’ve read quite a bit by and then see them in a different context I’ll think “that sounds like [X]”.

I’ve had this sensation a few times and been right about it. I might have missed some clues, but I’ve never had this sensation and been wrong about it -so far.

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I don’t think so. But then, my friends don’t write me much. I think there’s a few people I could recognize here, but that would be mostly by content of writing, not writing style, per se. I think a lot of people here would recognize me just by the length of the posts. Although, even when I was trying not to sound like myself (I had another identity) several people asked if I was me. I was me, but I gave that up for lent ;-)

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I must be goofy. I was thinking the question was meaning handwriting…

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If it’s someone that I talk to a lot, then yes.

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Some of them I have.

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I could recognize things only my husband would say, but not his typing style…his sense of humor always pops up when he’s chatting or whatever.
I could recognize some people, but not all. A lot of people I know have a specific way they type, almost the same way they I’d recognize them immediately.
People can usually figure me out right quick, because I type how I talk. I also overuse ”...” a lot haha.

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Yes. I know my friends from the bottom up and my friends seem to have simiar writing. But I would always recognize it.

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Only the ones who’s writing I’ve read.

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I think I could. I’m more confident about identifying jellies (the ones I talk to often anyway) by their writing. I think I could get most of those correct. I’m pretty sure I’d know PnL, johnpowell, Buster, and richardhenry’s writing style. Provided they didn’t try to trick me. As for my friends in real life… If they wrote about something informal I think I could identify them. If it were something like a term paper, then probably not. Those are usually devoid of any kind of personality.

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