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What should I get a 19 year old girl for birthday?

Asked by BrownieALaMode86 (1points) May 13th, 2009

My boyfriend’s sister’s birthday is Friday and I’m going to see her. Don’t know much about her, but he doesn’t want to do gift cards or cash. He wants to stay away from jewelry but will deal with a charm bracelet if necessary. Any ideas?

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Get her a juicy couture charm bracelet(:

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perfume? does he know her style well enough to pick a scent for her?

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It’s not really possible to offer any meaningful, non-generic suggestions when all the information we have is the gender and age of the person you are buying a gift for.

Personally, I enjoy reading and I’d be really happy to receive a well-chosen book for my birthday. On the other hand, I know many people that wouldn’t be interested in being given a book. I’m 23 and female, and there are many other 23 year old women who wouldn’t want this as a present.

Is the present a joint one, from you and your boyfriend? The merit of the fact that you and the sister share a gender doesn’t really give you any advantage on picking a decent, personal gift – I think it’s something you’ll need to decide on with your boyfriend. I’d talk to your boyfriend and ask him about his sister’s interests, personality, tastes and hobbies, and then I think you’d be able to get something a bit more special. Obviously it will take a bit more time and effort to do this but I think that will show and make the gift much more meaningful and one she would be happy and touched to receive.

Best of luck finding something nice, I’m really bad at buying presents and I always leave it to the last minute, making it even worse!

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Get her a Diamond Golden Heary Shaped pendant

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Cash is always a great gift (for me at least).

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A pretty lightweight scarf or a purse.

Lotions, body wash and sprays are nice. It’s hard to pick a scent for someone else, but I have given a variety bag of the really small bottles by the counter at Bath & Body Works a few times. The recipients really liked it.

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Itunes gift card?

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a box of kittens!!

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Take her and a friend out to dinner somewhere nice, but still in a comfortable price range.

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What I do in these scenarios is a gift basket. Except I make it myself. You can get fantastic baskets at the Goodwill if you are short on cash. If not then you can get one at pretty much any supermarket. Good Quality Chocolate is always a must in the gift basket. Try Lindor Truffles. Amazing. Then you can go with anything else to fill the basket. You could do a theme (like garden stuff, herbal health care, teas, beauty products, music, etc…). Or you can do a mix match of stuff. Either way it is a great gift idea because people loving looking at all the different little things they get. And it is pretty cost effective as well.

Good luck.

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