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What does it mean when someone sends you an empty text message?

Asked by sferik (6086points) May 13th, 2009

It was in reply to a proposed meeting.

Does this have some cultural significance of which I’m not aware?

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It means they have fat fingers. I would avoid the proposed meeting at all costs.

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Operator error.

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Phone company plot to charge you both another $0.10.
You could sent them a blank one back.

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They’re not speaking to you.

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perhaps small talk….infinitely small talk

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1. a mistake
2. a passive aggressive move for you to inquire after and pay attention to them
3. “look up, pay attention, here I come”

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Wrong button press , i do this from time to time on my touch screen phone

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Probably they sent the text without intending to or something like that. I would simply text them again and say something like, “Got an empty text from you. Is the meeting good? (or are we still one? or whatever)”

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I do this at least once a day. I press buttons too quicly and end up sending the text before I’ve typed anything. FAIL.

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yes, pressing buttons too quickly, being overly eager. it’s happened to me a couple times.

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It’s just a fail. Anyone trying to communicate to you passive aggressively through a blank text message should be ignored.

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I’ve done it with emails and received many. I just text back “shooting blanks?”

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Maybe they spat on their phones screen and sent the message.

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@chyna I’ll have to remember that one-it’s cute!

I always blame it on my fat thumbs especially when I hit send before I meant to and send half a confusing txt.

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There may be 2reason,first may be that person bit of disappointed w you & he dont want to talk,2nd reason, may that person likes you,&is shy to. Express directly,

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I have a couple of friends who do this and I believe it’s their way of saying I got your text and they are just too busy to really say anything back- it’s a sort of acknowledgment. I also think, it’s a way to say I’m speechless.

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