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Have you ever had a job that you absolutely hated, but, stuck with it for awhile because you needed cash and it paid well?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 13th, 2009

How long did you stick it out, or are you still there?

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YES! I was there for about 18 months.

A friend of mine kept telling me “it will all be ok” – which I knew was true but also made me kind of want to smack her. :) One particularly bad day, I sat and wrote “It will all be ok” all over a sheet of paper in different sizes and ink colors while I was on a phone call. I posted it in my cubicle and stared at it as needed. Oddly enough, it did help.

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I worked as a kindergarten phonics teacher. for 9 months It was absolutely horrible. I love kids, only in theory it turned out But; they had health benefits, and I had tuition to pay. I stayed at the job till I had saved enough to cover the tuition for my last two years of school.

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I’ve never really had a job that paid well, so no.

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Yes i was a cook at a drive in spot. I was 15 years old. They best thing is to let it be a lesson that you never want to have to work someplace you hate for the rest of your life. Get any type of higher level education. The is no comparison to a job that you love and a pays way more then your old job.

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Proofreading for a lawyer. I was 16yrs old and he paid $12. hr under the table in order to sit way too close to me and ask day after day if he could kiss my cheek.

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I was a kitchen porter for nine months. Brain went to sleep. Was so glad to leave, there were really nice people I worked with though.

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I was in the printing trade for a decade. I don’t like to rush things.

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of course. I think most people have at some point.

Myself, I worked at a Telemarketing agency for eight months at 60 or so hours a week… you reaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy get sick of old people at that point.

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of course.

I was at a job I didn’t actually “hate” but I didn’t like it much. The money was great. I managed to slowly pull out within a year or so.

I am currently back at a job I hate. Not the job itself, but the idea of going back. It’s a personal failure.

But my idea of “job” is that it’s just something you do to make money. I’ve already fulfilled my career dreams, so I don’t worry about it too much nowadays.

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I am pretty miserable teaching, as I have found that only a small percentage of my energy is actually put towards the kids. The insane parents, district, admin, angry teachers consumes my day.

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yes, it’s called being a construction electrician. i hated it, i hated getting up at 5am, i hated everything about it.

but it covered the bills for a year.

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I was a production operator at two banks for 18 months because it paid very well. Production operators create the pitchbooks, internal memos and other paperwork for i-bankers to do their jobs. They don’t work with data, though, because that’s against SEC regulations. What’s funny was that once the bankers realized I was smart, some of them would try to get me to do their number crunching for them when they were tired. Pfft. I don’t think so.

Anyhoo, I got laid off in November, so that’s that.

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I did industrial and commercial rubber roofing for 6 months. Imagine being on top of a factory, hospital, mall, or anything big. When its cold and windy it howls on a roof and when its July in Tennessee on a roof its an inferno. Very labor intensive. Lots of stooping, lifting, solvents, glues, heated tar, heating torches. Being on a top of a factory that looks a mile long and making progress that looks insignificant bothered me. Tear offs were the worst when you have to move all the river gravel to pull the old rubber off. Most of the foreman and employess were asshole rednecks. I despised them. It paid the best out of any job I was qualified for at the time. Business got slow and I got laid off and found another job. I think I was able to stick it because all I had really done before then was dishwashing, carpentry and laboring for a brick mason. I hated brick and block too.

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only every job I’ve ever had. and none of them paid well . . . sob.

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Absolutely! Who hasn’t? There have even been times when I’ve seriously wanted to leave the jobs that I have mostly liked, but haven’t because of personal obligations—and just plain needing the money.

It would be nice to be independently wealthy, so you could give up whenever the going got tough, but that has never been in the cards for me—and I’m sure that is true for most of us.

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I worked at Ross Dress for Less. It was horrible! I worked there for 2 years before quitting and moving on to something better. The pay wasn’t good but I needed the money. It was a bad job for so many reasons but I stuck in there for quite awhile. Of course that was my first “real” job.

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To be honest, it didn’t even pay well. I was just so scared of not being able to find another job at the time that I stuck with it for waaaaaay to long. The day I did finally leave was such a relief.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. About 15 years ago I had a job I hated so much I started to HATE Sundays because it meant Monday, and the job, was right around the corner. The job was decent but did not pay well. I was really working for the weekends, I could not wait for Fridays to come. It was more like a death march that job was. The work load was terrible but the best part is that I have no boss standing over me. I have a window of time to show up and once I completed the task I left. Had I not been my own super I could not have lasted as long as I did.

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