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What do you think my company?

Asked by erichner (4points) December 21st, 2007

Me and my team have been working on this site for the past few months in between projects. Please leave any constructive criticism you may have. Thank you.

Rock, Paper, Scissors LLC

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So I accidently edited this question with some wrong info:

This is not “my” company, I only work for them.
The question should say “What do you think of my company’s new website”.

So yea, leave any feedback you may have about the site. We will be taking everything into consideration for future updates and revisions.


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I liked it, except for the font of the menu, too military for me

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Honestly, I think it could use some work, especially coming from a company that is in the “Creative Services” industry.

First, I think the site needs a background to break up all of the white. This would draw more attention to the content by having a darker background worked in.

Second, you have really overused the stock vectors from Go Media. I would suggest that you tone the vectors down a little and work them more into the background of the design, rather than having them so prominent in the main content area.

Finally, I would say to work on your typography more. You would be so surprised how small changes to fonts, font styles, and sizes can truly make an impact on a design.

I think that the overall look and feel is pretty good, the design just feels really incomplete and sort of just pasted all together.

Unrelated…......I used to live in the Buford/Lawrenceville area and I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Good to see another company popping up in that area!

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i agree with AreaOne that the site does need some work. First of all i think the flash animation is uncalled for. Whats worse is the bottom links do not work. (e.g. when I click on the bottom links, it takes me to http://index/script/story/) – I suspect you meant to put ”/index/script/story” as the link. Also the showcase page would look better if it took me directly if it had the portfolio on the very page. You should see some of the designs at to see some excellent examples of good portfolio sites.

All-in-all i think you need to improve the user navigation, avoid flash as much as possible

ps. questions like these can be considered spam under the fluther guidelines

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“Remember, change is a good thing” might stand to be expressed differently – my immediate reaction is to argue with the false truism.

The animation at left is very nice.

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