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What do you do to tempt fate, flirt with danger, and spit in the eye of superstition?

Asked by Jeruba (48719points) May 13th, 2009

I pet black cats, tease my hairdresser when he’s standing behind me with a pair of scissors, and make reckless jokes about God.

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I point out the imperfections of others.

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…sometimes making a daily decision of any kind requires that we take matters into our own hands- I do often enough…

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I wear white after Labor Day and I put my hat on my bed.

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…You dance with death. You must be the child of Zeus

As for me, well I walk under ladders, break mirrors, sneeze with no one to bless me, I embark upon important endeavors and travel on Friday the 13th and drop salt and laugh heartily.
But of course I’ve made a pact with Beelzebub I get unlimited superstition minutes on weekends

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Everytime I say, “yes” to love.

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Every time I take the subway after dark.

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Superstitions don’t have any actual impact on my regular life. Hence, I love petting black cats and anything with 666 in it.

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Here are some more examples.

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I don’t put my seatbelt on…

I rather go squish than live as a paraplegic or otherwise damaged. Combine that with the fact that I constantly proclaim that god is dead…. oy oy oy.

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Speaking of 666. Here are some interesting geometric patterns relating to the biblical number of the Christ and the number 666.

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Whenever the opportunity presents itself on my mail route, I walk under ladders. I make a definite point to.

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@bob_ GA That is hilarious

I microwave my vegetables and meat on 666 setting, which is six minutes and 66 seconds.

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I climb mountains that are rather dangerous. Looking over the edge of a several thousand foot cliff will give you a good sock of adrenaline. I know all I have to do is let my foot slip and I’m good as dead.

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I teach in a high school. :)

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When something has been going well for some time, I think about how it hasn’t gone wrong for a long time. Like, if one of my tires has not gotten a flat for a long time, I’ll wonder at that (bicycle tire), which, if you’re superstitious, is just asking for a flat.

At first, I think I’m tempting fate, but then I tell myself that what I think about has nothing to do with glass and other detritis in the road.

I just had to fix a flat this week. Very slow leak, though.

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