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How can you tell if a guy really likes you?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) May 13th, 2009

I need some help in this area. THis guy says he likes me, but I want to know if it’s just so he won’t hurt my feelings or if he really does like me. Help!

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need some more details here bubbles

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I put a note in his locker saying that I liked him and he said he liked me, too. I don’t know if he really likes me because a lot of people in my grade say he likes a girl named Carrie. I need some help to know if he’s telling the truth or if he really likes me.

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This seems to go with your other question so I’ll say it again…

TOUCH HIM! If he’s into you, and your hand is on his knee or thigh, either he’ll kiss you or if NOT, he’ll move away from your hand.

UGH! Teenagers!

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THanks. That’s helpful.
Also, teenagers really are annoying, I admit.

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how old are you bubbles?

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I remember the whole game that’s played. It’s all very silly. You’ll realize HOW silly as soon as you’re in college!

Listen, when you’re at his locker, grabs his bicep and flirt. If he has no reaction, he’s not into you!

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A guy really likes you if he gets up the nerve and asks you out.

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well in a world where us guys make ALL the moves when it comes to asking out girls, sometimes they pay off sometimes they don’t but its not the end of the world when they don’t why don’t you go ask him out yourself? Because if you don’t you might not ever know!

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He says he likes you. Take it at face value unless you have reason to believe otherwise.

Also, there’s nothing that prevents people from liking more than one person at a time. If you want to pursue it further, ask him out on a date.

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@SpatzieLover : Your advice is funny. I think that may work sometimes, but I’m thinking back to my high school boyfriend, and he would have thought I was insane if I grabbed his bicep at his locker some random day (before we were dating). I think that move only works on certain types of people.

When I was in high school, I liked this guy and he liked me and we were both too chicken to actually start dating. Eventually, he got the courage to kiss me, and then we started dating, but if he hadn’t done that, I think we’d still be just friends. High school is weird. If you like the guy, just ask him out. See how it goes. If he talks to you and you guys laugh and have a good time, then I’d say he likes you.

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@SpatzieLover You realize it’s even sillier when you get married. And then whe you have kids .
But I must admit, I still remember how sad I was when my elementary school GF left me for another. I’ll bet she’s sorry now.

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@SpatzieLover I think it only works in Hollywood films ;)

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A guy walked me to & from my locker my entire frosh year. At the end of the year, my best friend asked me how this guy would cope through summer w/out me. I HAD ZERO idea he was “in” to me…I am a DUNCE when it comes to guy’s liking me. (I always had tons of “guy” friends). Seriously, in high school a guy woulda had to either thrown a rock at my head with the words “date me” on it, or he’d have had to put his tongue down my throat!

BTW @mbubbles, I made the first move with my now husband. I agree with @cwilbur just ask him out! Either do it at school face to face, or call him NOW!

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@Lupin I agree. too silly and all the “pasts” that got rid of you must be very sad ;)

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@SpatzieLover : I’m denying that your plan may work, but I still think it is funny. I think the whole concept of “dating” in high school is funny, considering most people don’t have driver’s licenses and your parents have to drive you to and from your “dates”. You never know until you try, I guess.

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15 years old

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@Les “Mom, can you drive me to the movies on Saturday night?” Yes, I remember those days. HOW STUPID!!!!

15?! Okay, mbubbles, listen HAVE FUN!!!! Ask him to go mini-golfing with you, or rock climbing or something equally FUN that you can both just be yourselves doing!

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I kind of do agree with the touching thing, but being so bold as to put your hand on his leg or grab his bicep might be a little much for you. :) Do you talk with your hands? You know, move your hands a lot when you’re talking? If so, next time you are chatting with him, briefly touch his arm when you are laughing or joking around. See what his reaction is, but act like it’s just what you naturally do.

Also, do you have any classes together? If so, check to see if you ever see him looking at you – but don’t let him see you looking too much!

As for high school dating, yes you realize later what a game it is… but it is one of the most important things to you while you’re in the middle of it. It’s part of learning how to interact with the opposite sex and it’s kind of stressful. Come on! You older ones remember those days. Don’t make fun.

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if a guy genuinely likes you, he will show it. actions always speak louder than words. be vigilant and notice things that set him apart from other guys. if he seems “different” to you, there is something about him that peaks your interests but you can’t understand why.

if he listens to you, there is one point right there. guys who “listen” actually care.

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Among my circle of friends in high school, standard tactic was to feign tiredness and use the shoulder of the boy-interest as a pillow (asking first). See how they react…

Note I didn’t get together with anyone until after high school… hm. Though I did do the pillow thing with one guy in college and we’ve been together for about two and a half years… I dunno.

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Physical signs: His pupils dilate, he mirrors your actions, he doesnt close his legs all the way, etc.

Other signs: He smiles when you walk into the room, he goes out of his way to word his sentences correctly, things like that.

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I’m sure I’ll get some flack for saying this, but get and read He’s Just Not That Into You. I wish I had that book when I was younger. I know there are exceptions to every rule of dating, but that book makes things pretty damn clear, and I think most of it is excellent advice on how to tell if someone is into you.

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Just ask him out and see.

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If he likes you you will know. We won’t.

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When he sticks his tongue in your mouth.

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