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If you could go back in time and change one choice or direction your life has taken, when and what would you change?

Asked by jca (36010points) May 13th, 2009

this is not to say i am implying anyone should have any regrets. i am a big believe in not regretting decisions i have made because they can’t be changed. however, sometimes you do wonder what would have happened if?..... do you ever wonder or wish you did something different? gone to college, gone away to college, not married that guy or girl, not taken up drugs, listened to your mother, moved, not moved, taken that job, not taken that job, saved more money, bought that house, not bought that house, wished you bought that pair of shoes in the window that were gone when you returned, etc?

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I would have stayed in college straight out of high school. That would have kept me from marrying that guy and making a whole lot of other mistakes in my 20s. I would have made other ones, but it would be interesting to see what they would have been. Plus, I do regret that I missed out on the traditional college experience.

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I wish I had chosen the other graduate school that I was accepted at.

I turned down the “no funding in the first year, take out loans instead” masters’ degree program, and chose the “we’ll give you a tuition waiver and a stipend” masters’ degree program. In retrospect, the other department would have been far less dysfunctional, and having gone there would probably mean I’d have a Ph.D. now.

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I wouldn’t change anything. The decisions I have made and the consequences of those decisons have made me who I am today. And I’m OK with that.

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I would have broken things off with my boyfriend immediately after college instead of dragging things out through another year, three states, and 2 countries. I think I knew things were not going to work out then, but I convinced myself that it would fix itself.

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I should’ve said “Yes” to a date with Chris at 16, and to hell with my guardian and her creepy, crappy opinions about men and sex.

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Go back to last thursday night and tell myself not to drive after I leave the bar.

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Not thrown a tantrum and quit a particular job just to show solidarity for another co worker.

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No one has died or been severely damaged by an action I’ve taken, so I wouldn’t change anything…. Unless I could like, give myself the winning lotto numbers…. or tell myself that Stanford was gonna beat USC 2 years ago (61 point underdogs, can you imagine that money?)

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I would have taken school much more seriously and taken drugs much less seriously.

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The last few years, I would have been a tad stingy with my money. I got a good chunk of money two years ago and I paid off a few bills, then went on a few trips, splurged on furniture, and stuff for my apartment. I mean, I love having all of those things and the trips, I don’t regret (so much fun!), but, I should have kept some of the cash. That whole chunk of money is now gone…And right now, I could use it.

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when I got bullied for the first time… but i guess it was never meant to be… :-(

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I honestly don’t believe I would do anything different. Not because of the whole ‘no regrets’ thing, but because I think everything we do will take us to the exact same place we’re meant to be. I just think that everything happens for a reason, and I’m not going to question those reasons, you know?

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I would have finished college, because I’d have a degree by now.

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i would have gone away to college, although i was well aware that i might regret not going, and i had a very good reason for not going. my parents could not afford to give me too much cash at the time, it would have just been enough for gas, and i didn’t want to be stuck away from home, with little or no spare cash – not much of an experience if all your friends would be going out and you’d be stuck in, broke.

other than that, maybe just that i applied myself more in high school and college.

i also feel bad about a guy who really liked me and was a great guy but i went for a loser instead, and let that guy go. we’re still friends but it’s not the same as it was.

my real regrets (because the ones above don’t really concern me too much now) are any that concern cats that i’ve had that had tragic endings, and i always second guessed myself, what i should have done differently, like not letting them stay out all night. i really regretted those decisions because once the cat is dead, it’s too late to say “coulda shoulda woulda.”

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I shouldnt have been so impulsive buying my first wrangler and should have just waited for the other guy to get back to me. Because of my impatience i ended up buying a jeep that was a ginormous headache and lost a lot of money because of it on repairs. I then sold it for much less than i paid. I hate to think of all the money i would have today if i wasnt so stupid then. Ah well, lesson learned.

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Not that I wish I’d never been born, but all in all, I think I’d rather a different sperm fertilized the egg that became me. Somehow it seems like I’d have been saved a lot of heartache and trouble that way. Of course, that’s what life is: trouble. But the idea of not ever having to deal with it seems so peaceful.

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Well I can’t go back too far although I would like to, as if I did I would not have my kids – and I wouldn’t want to lose them. So, after the last one was born, I guess that in retrospect I would have made one very different decision. I was once in a position to save the life of a person who I cared about and I chose the wrong one of three options. In retrospect I don’t know if one of the other two would have worked, but I do know that the one I chose didn’t. I swam to help someone when I had a choice of running back up the shore and grabbing scuba gear, or of running along the shore and grabbing a powerboat. The current was too strong – I couldn’t reach her.

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I would’ve taken that nearly full-ride at the good public university nstead of thinking I was so smart and going to the higher-ranked and much worse personal fit for me private school which has saddled me with loans I’ll be regretting for years to come.

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of course, many choices, and many coincidences. My life has taken so many turns, that any one change would have had a tremendous effect on what happened afterwards.

One example is what would have happened if I’d gone to a different university. Coventry was not my first choice, and I got a scholarship for Glasgow, which I would have preferred. For whatever reason, I ended up in Coventry, where one of my professors used to be a former pop star and helped me out with my music career. I don’t think I would have made an album otherwise. Or maybe I would have done so anyway, and maybe I would have gone to Glasgow and met some really great musicians and formed a band and become a mega-star. Or taken up drugs.

Another example is this girl I liked, and she liked me too. Nothing really happened between us, but she’s stuck in a dead-end relationship and I got a divorce. Both of us often wonder how it would have been otherwise. Then again, I often say that if I’d married her, we’d be divorced and I’d be wondering how things would have been better had I married the woman I really did marry.

No way of knowing.

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I’d like to know how things would be if I was still a virgin.

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Wonder what I would be if I wasn’t a teacher?? Possible career change coming up for me soon, a definate fork in the road! Mmm defo made me think this question!

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@DarkScribe lol, it’s much more than the physical.

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