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Is there such a thing as a successful 'personal responsibility' society.

Asked by YARNLADY (45408points) May 13th, 2009

A society where everyone takes personal responsibility for their own well-being, and the well being of the society as a whole?

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Somalia is kinda successful if you are pirate. I don’t mind paying taxes if it keeps hungry people from stealing the kids lunches while they walk to school.

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To my way of thinking, paying taxes is part of the responsibility of a civilized society.

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I agree. Could we spend them in a better way? Absolutely. Could we collect them in a better way? Sure thing.

But the anti-tax crowd needs to grow the fuck up. And have their parents move in with them since Social Security is evil.

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Some ancient societies did remarkably well, the Essenes in particular. Mainly groups of people that lived in a philosophical or spiritual way of life; I don’t think you can call them a nation, or even a society, but maybe a people movement of significant impact in there time. They were more self-actualized than people today, such as the Gnostics, certain Sufis sects and Epicureans; they certainly vibrated at higher frequency than our contemporary societies.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by personal responsibility. People shouldn’t have to depend on a wage or a salary just to get by.

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@Garebo I was more referring to a modern group, rather than ancient religious communes.

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@Jiminez There are thousands of people in this country who do not depend on a wage or salary just to get by. My brother used to recycle items he found in the garbage and sell on the street corner, or trade for what he needed.

It’s entirely your choice, what you do and what you need to “get by”.

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No, I disagree with that entirely. I think there should be an organized support system. But it takes the active engagement and responsibility of everyone to make that work. No one should have to fend for themselves. So I guess my answer is no.

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