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What size rainbow sandal?

Asked by GotJinks (29points) May 13th, 2009

If i wear a size ten women’s tennis shoe what size women’s raindow would i wear?

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What is a rainbow shoe?

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they are a popular beachy flip flop in florida.

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Oh, then either a 10 or 9. Can you try them on?

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**googles rainbow sandals**

Oooooooh, I want some!

I don’t know, but here’s their page. maybe you can contact them and ask.

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they come in medium large small not number sizes

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According to their size page you would need an L10 in ladies or you could go with a men’s large.

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The rainbow wedge ones remind me of the “thongs” my mom always wore when I was a kid. Did anyone else call them “thongs”? I still do sometimes and people think I’m talking about panties…

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@knitfroggy, they’re called thongs in Australia :)

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@shrubbery It’s taken me a few years to get used to calling them flip flops instead of thongs-but I swear, if you say thongs people act like they think your a nut saying Oh I like her thongs or look at my new thongs…

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@knitfroggy, haha yeah it’s funny to watch the various exchange students we have at school each year become increasingly perplexed before they finally ask why we’re talking about thongs :P

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A New Zealander told me you can tell if it is an aussie’s wedding day because he will have on a new pair of thongs!

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