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Selecting multiple pics with MacBook Pro?

Asked by nmguy (528points) May 13th, 2009

A friend who’s a photographer recently bought a new MacBook Pro with Leopard. He can’t figure out how to select a bunch of his photos and move them to another folder. He tried selecting the first pic, holding down the Shift key, then selecting the last pic.

Any suggestions?

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I think that should work. I just tried it on my MBP and it worked just fine.
You could also try holding down the “mouse” button and dragging over all the photos you want to select.

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That should work… but then you haven’t really told us the context. Is he in the Finder, in iPhoto, in email, or what?

BTW, he can also select a non-contiguous range of items – one at a time – by holding down the Command key instead of the Shift key when he selects.

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