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Where's the best place to find cheap polaroid 600 film?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) May 13th, 2009

I’ve recently dug up my one600 Polaroid camera, but the film made for it is being discontinued… Where’s the best place to get the film I need for this camera?

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@AstroChuck Well, if you have a time machine, It’d be appreciated right about now.

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I got two packs of 600 at a garage sale last year. And I almost got some at a police auction (until some asshole showed up at the last minute and outbid me.)

It’s hard to come by. Ebay or something similar is probably your best bet.

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@petethepothead I’ve been looking at Amazon, which has them at about 2$ an exposure… I’m basically hoping to find something cheaper…

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You can still use film for other instant cameras – a lot is advertised on eBay, but basically it is at the end of its useful life.

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If you do find a cheap supply, it most likely won’t produce any pictures. Since the film is no longer being produced, any useable packs will be more expensive than they originally were.

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@YARNLADY I’m not looking for a supply that’s cheaper than the originals, as I know that’s (“that’s” being what you said) to be the case.

I’m hoping for something just more than the original. Like 1.3x original price.

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Nowhere, really. Darkscribe is right – the stuff that’s left on Ebay is pretty much expired by now. That can still provide for some interesting shots, though. One other tactic is to try looking for it in old stores in small towns. If you really, really want to use 600, I’d buy what you can find and use it very sparingly.

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A group on enthusiasts has bought up the old Polaroid film factory and is trying to work out how to cost effectively produce the film. They hope to start up production in 2010.

Check out their web site for more info -

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@figbash I want to use 600 film because that’s the camera I have.

@funkdaddy Thanks for that! I’ve heard of them, but haven’t got good info til now. Much appreciated.

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@funkdaddy Thanks so much for that link!!!
I’m a polaroid nut, and I bought out my Target’s entire film stock a while ago… I think I’ll support the Impossible Project.

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being discontinued…
It’s toast..
Good luck…

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You know, it might be a good idea to try finding a new Polaroid. Mine is in the 600 series as well, but I never use it, since I only have eighteen exposures left (eight in the camera and one pack of film in the refrigerator.)

But you can find cheap Polaroids all over, at thrift stores, garage sales, online, etc. Since Fujifilm doesn’t make a 600 equivalent, it might be worth it to pick up a different camera that can take Fujifilm. That’s what I’m going to do the next time I come across a non 600 series camera.

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Most of it is now in a landfill somewhere. Good luck.

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@boots: I know what you’re talking about. I was also an avid Polaroid user and have multiple versions of the 600 as well as an old land camera. I bought up a bunch of stock when I found out that they were going to stop making it and now sit on it for special occasions since it’s rare.

I guess what I was suggesting is that if you want to use the 600, as opposed to say, getting rid of the camera because there’s no film for it, you have to do so knowing that you will be paying at least 2 bucks per shot and potentially with expired film.

You can also get a few packs of film and use it until Impossible Project comes through or another use for the camera is found.

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I don’t really understand why people have any interest in Polaroid cameras. In their prime they were a convenient camera, not a good camera. They do not take good images, the colour is never true – the lenses slow and incapable of producing bokeh, and they are soft in the corners. I own several and have not used them since the first of the digitals arrived. I gave away several last month to some people on a Flickr Photographic group, still have a couple of SX70s and a Vision left. I even have some film for them, but it would have to be at least ten years old.

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They do not take good images, the colour is never true – the lenses slow and incapable of producing bokeh, and they are soft in the corners.

That’s all part of the appeal. When I want a good picture I use my Rollei, but when I want a cool, unpredictable, old school picture I use a Polaroid or a Holga.

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@petethepothead have you seen the Photoshop filters that mimic a Polaroid? Including the plastic matt?

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@DarkScribe I agree completely with @petethepothead. I have 2 different cameras I use for “good” photos, but I love my polaroid prints. I have a whole half of polaroids on my wall- 15 up, 4 across. The unpredictability and sometimes off quality of them makes them unique and special. And you can doodle on them before they develop. :)

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@Likeradar I guess that it is a matter of personal taste, I have never like Holga or Diana images either – I don’t see the point. If I want a special effect, I’ll create it – with a good camera and lens.

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Sounds like new Polaroid film will soon be available.

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my Dad is 80 yrs old, his birthday is tomorrow and he has a polaroid camera from wayyy back, this is ALL he wants, as he is a farmer an likes to take these instant pics at farm tractor sales and auctions. I have abandoned this search at least 3 times out of pure frustration, and am now scampering to find someting to order.

I can’t see spending 50,60, and even 70 dollars for a single 10 pack of film, it is outrageous !!! How do i break his heart and tell him this, or go broke and make purchase….ughhh !! If anyone knows of anywhere, i would appreciate it. not an ebayer i so get lost on there…lol !

((( sleepless over polaroid film birthday gift….in CT tonight !! )))

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What camera does he have? The new film mentioned above came out a while ago. has a variety of films for a variety of cameras. They go for about 15–20$ for 8 shots. Just make sure you get the right film for his camera.

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