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Why does my phone ring once for no reason at all?

Asked by augustlan (47689points) May 14th, 2009

I have a GE cordless phone. About every third time I use it does this irritating thing. Immediately after I hang up (or more accurately, push the button to end the call) it rings one time.

No one is ever there, it’s not a real call… just a loud freakin’ ring. This is especially a problem when I’m talking to my girls at night, right next to my sleeping husband. What is up with that? What could be causing it and is there anything I can do to stop it? Neither of my other two (Uniden) phones has ever done this.

NOTE: This is my bedroom answering machine/phone, and I really don’t want to replace it.

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I have this happen with landlines ALL the time. I’m not sure why it does it, I’m really fascinated to know, because it’s beyond annoying.

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Back in the days when I actually used the landline (it’s cheaper and just generally easier to make calls from my mobile now) it used to do this all the time.

As a guess, I think it’s an issue with the phone, where it doesn’t always send the “hang up” signal immediately when you end the call. So the line is still open, and since you’re not on the phone, it rings.

Anyway, the trick I found is to let them hang up first.

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Technical glitch I guess.

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Your phone is inhabited by mischievous spirits that find great pleasure in annoying the crap out of you in this way. You need an exorcist, or maybe a new phone. Try calling that short lady who starred in the Poltergeist movie. “Go into the light, all are welcome, all are welcome.”

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My phone at work does that too the really weird thing is that if I answer it, I hear my own greeting saying I am not in and to leave a message. I guess I could contact the geek department and have them fiddle around with it, but the last time I requested maintenence on office equipment it took weeks and I didn’t get the desired results.

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Some sort of cry for attention?

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@richardhenry I’ve been using your advice for several days, and letting the other party hang up first. It did the trick! Thanks. :)

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They are watching you! Listening to your calls.

That is usually an indication that an extension has just been put down. I have experienced that from interfering household members.

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