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So I got a call telling me I won a cruise, what's the deal on this?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) May 14th, 2009

I got this call, and it sounds legit, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t. I was told it’s all free with the exception that I have to pay for taxes, fees, and things like that. And alcohol isn’t included either.

I put my name on a list to win something, I can’t recall what, but it was while I was at a concert here in Columbus. But I’m told it’s a 3 day cruise and all they want in return is my repeat business and I am under no obligation to buy anything while I’m at their little presentation they want to give me in person today. They are located here in Dublin, OH, and gave me their address to stop by today.

What’s the deal, and what can I expect to pay for if I wanted to take this? I just keep waiting for the catch…oh and it’s a cruise for two.

help me out Fluther!

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Scam! Those other “fees” will add up quickly and then once you pay them all, you’ll get hit with another bunch of fees or they won’t send you your tickets. If you refuse to pay more and ask for your money back, you won’t get it. A friend of mine got totally ripped off this way. Don’t do it!!!

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thanks for the heads up, that’s all I had to hear to confirm my suspicions.

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scam, dont give them your time or money.

Actually you just won a brand new house. Please send me $5000 to claim your prize.

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Make sure you get the name of the company and search the net for other people’s experiences. Sometimes you can go through a time-share spiel to get some freebies (I find them painful and will never sit through one again), but this sounds like more than that. I would stay away, especially if your 6th sense is telling you it’s a scam.

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yeah, just googled it, definitely a scam…I’m now dreading them spamming my phone number now… =(

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Sometimes all they want is your credit card number. Then they go on a cruise on your credit, or sell the number, or any one of several other nasty things.

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S C A M !

DO NOT answer any personal questions. Find out WHERE they got your name & number. If you are on the DO Not Call list, tell them that, too.

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you deserve it. you should treat yourself to something nice… I am not the head of the scamming agency… please… i need a way to feed my family…. :(

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Run…don’t walk away from this set up. I can smell it from here!

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probs a prank call

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I once followed through something on this that required me doing nothing up front, and managed to learn that the times of the trip was very narrow. I knew it was a scam, and it of course was. Also, I had no real interest in taking the kind of trip that was being offered—although it does sound too good to be true ( I think the one I heard about was five days in Hawaii). And that usually means it is.

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you won nothing. when you do win something, most of the time they will send you a registered letter or something via fed ex.

you can not win contests you never entered.

run away. fast

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Did you actually enter a contest? You would have paperwork specifiying the drawing date or whatever. Most of the time it’s just advertising…

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