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Should I see the Mets versus the Dodgers, or the Mets versus the Cardinals?

Asked by ambos (496points) May 14th, 2009

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and I was going to take him to a basbeball game. I can’t afford the Mets versus Yankees tickets that would be on his birthday, so I’m trying to find a game around his birthday. I don’t anything about baseball and have no idea which one would be a better game. Help please.

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Mets VS. Cardinals for sure, as that is a bigger rivalry. If he is a Mets fan at all, he’ll enjoy that game more. The Cardinals knocked the Mets out of going to the World Series in 2006… we’re still trying to get them back.

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Thanks! I’m completely clueless when it comes to sports and he is a huge sports fan.

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No way stop what you are doing. Your should see the Mets and Dodgers. The Dodgers used to be the Brooklyn Dodgers to New York already has a stiff with the Dodgers. Plus as of right now the Dodgers have one of the best records in the MLB. @hmphin They are right about kicking them out of the world series, but if you want to see a great game now it would be the Mets and Dodger. Im a Phillies Fan and I would like to see the Mets and Dodgers. PLus Albert Puljols has not been playing so great.

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Alright, someone I know also recommended the Mets and Dodgers game. I think that’s going to be the game. I would ask my boyfriend but I want it to be a surprise.

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@ambos My girlfriend also buys me tickets to baseball games for my birthday and other events. I think it is the greatest thing a girl can do for a guy. You can get to my heart through baseball or food haha. Have fun at your game, and I hope your B/F likes it.

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