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Could you honestly say that you're happy (at this point in your life)

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 14th, 2009

If not, do you see things getting better anytime soon? What’s one big thing that would make things better?

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I have my moments.

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Yes. Life is good.

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Not totally. But I’m okay.

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Yes, I can. Essentially everything is going the way I want it. The one thing that would make things better would be, as I have mentioned before, that my being gay would no longer be a secret. And that is going to change; it’ll change before I go to college. Other than that, things are happening the way I wanted them to.

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Yes definitely, I enjoy my job and have more than one career progression opportunities open to me at the current time in a small but quality company, I have great friends, a really cool family (with some exceptions, wouldn’t be a family otherwise) and I’m about to get married.

I’m 32 and I must say that I’ve never had things this good, I love my life.

Now come back and ask me the same question in five years when there is a couple of rugrats running around! I joke of course!

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I am actually happy with my life right now. I am with the woman of my dreams, the car i always wanted, the tv i always wanted, and living comfortable at the moment. Now all I need is a job…

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I’m happy in my life. Now, not every day am I “happy”, but overall I’m in a good place and things are going well. Thanks for asking.

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I logically understand that I’m choosing to be unhappy, but I’ve run my life this way since I was a little girl. I’m in therapy to learn how to think positively about my self and my life, and how to live in the now instead of in shame of the past or in fear of the future. It’s harder than I thought it would be. “A-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches!” doesn’t quite work.

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Yes, my life good! Actually, it was good, NOW IT IS GREAT!!! I am still employed, I love what I do and my long time boyfriend will soon be my husband. Life is grand! Thank you….

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It’s a hell of a lot better than this time last year.

So yes – yes I am.

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Honestly, no. I’m not doing the job I was happy with, I’ve given up my independence for a few years to help a family member which means I’m grounded and can no longer up and go off with whomever, whenever. If I was a more patient person by nature then I might be handling this all better. If.

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@cprevite AMEN to that.
WAY better than last year.
but i’m not necessary happy.
i’m going through a transition and i’m just nervous, excited, anxious, and scared as to how it’s all gonna turn out.
so i’m content.
hopefully my decisions now won’t bring some bad consequences later…
or there’ll be a lot of i told you so’s

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Absolutely! I have everything I ever wanted, and I made a pledge to myself once a long time ago to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. It really works.

There are many things I wish were different. For instance, my oldest son suffered a severe stroke a year and half ago, and I wish that never happened. I will never meet my only granddaughter, because she lives on the other side of the world. But I am not going to let that spoil my life.

I like being happy and I intend to stay that way.

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Life is great..

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No, not miserable, but not happy.

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Not happy, but thankful to be so blessed.

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I’m very happy. I’m also currently very anxious to see a few things through, which is resulting in some frustration, but the happiness is always there.

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So very happy, and so very grateful, too!

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I’m not happy right now. We’ve got a lot hanging over our heads. We’ve recently had to deal with some serious grief and mourning. And then found out about a medical condition I can’t get treated for about 1.5 years because of our countries crappy health care system (america). To top that off we just found out hubby might need to donate a kidney which isn’t horrible except for the stress involved on top of everything else. Not to mention the debt collectors on our back for one of the most dreadful experiences that caused the debt in the first place. Sigh. Craziness.

Of course I am grateful for what I do have and I just recently found a job which is fantastic.

What one thing would make me happy? Having better health care. Seriously.

Thanx for Asking

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@RedPowerLady : Wow, I wish you the best of luck.

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No. I’d be happy of I had money.

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I do not think about this. If I think about it, I’ll get depressed. Happiness is irrelevant to me, and as long as it stays that way, I’ll stay alive.

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I enjoy my life as it is right now, and I suppose I’m happy in that sense, but I have a lot of work to do before I’m content.

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yes, the gratitude list keeps growing…
the one big thing that would make things better would be sleep

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Honestly, no I am not happy at this point in my life. However I am working my hardest to make everything right. I know things will be better, I believe in myself.

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Yes, I can honestly say that I’m happy at this point in my life. There’s minor room for change and improvement but on the whole, I’m feeling satisfied.

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This doesn’t mean that everything is perfect by any means, but… I’m really happy.

In the morning, it’s not uncommon that I find myself smiling to myself within seconds of waking.

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I’m pretty happy, although from time to time I sink into a deep pit of despair and self contemplation and it’s a bit of a struggle to get out, but I do.

What would make my life better? Well a million dollars wouldn’t hurt! That would let me reduce my working hours, thus increasing my crafting hours, and I’m sure that would make me more happy as it always does.

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My answer is a mix of @cprevite,‘s @daloon,‘s and @RedPowerLady.‘s I’m not in utter despair like I was at this point last year, so that’s good, at least. But I’m still pretty damn miserable. I try not to think about it too hard, otherwise I slip backward. Better health care would be the biggest and most helpful step toward happiness. (Note: At this point last year, I had NO health care. Now I have CRAP health care. Which is better than none. So that’s why I’m just miserable instead of in the pits of despair.)

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I over analyse everything and spend most of my time worrying about somethng or another. For that reason, I honestly can’t say that I am happy :( I’m working on it though.

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I am very happy.

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Nothing really awful ever happens to me, so I guess that would be a yes.

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Life is great. Especially compared to one, two, three years ago. And it just keeps getting better. Even if im goin thro a hard time, i know itll work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason

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I am happy. I have a job, I’m healthy, and there are lots of people who care about me. This is not to say that I’m not stressed, overextended, and worried a fair amount of the time, but when I actually think about it, I am happy. The only thing to puch it to bliss would be the safe return of my husband.

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i can’t say life is bad.
it of course has its faults, but plenty of them are my own fault. life is good when i am in the right place at the right time and most importantly, in the right mind set.

besides, i don’t judge life as good simply because it’s spent being happy all the time. being happy is great, but that’s not what a good life is all about.

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