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Seattle Dwellers, I need to get a nice hotel downtown. Any suggestions?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) May 14th, 2009
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Try, it worked great for me everytime. Or at least use them to find a hotel then call for reservations. Good luck!

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I have stayed at both The Four Seasons and The Grand Hyatt – both very nice and pobably about 300/350 per night.

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The Arctic Club is quite famous and suppose to be very nice. It just underwent a big remodel. Also, there’s a westin right downtown, those are always nice. Good luck.

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What are you looking for? Young and hip? Classic and dependable? Near the tourist sites?

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The Serento: just up the hill, and very nice.

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SORrento, and it’s true.

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Inn At The Market

Best hotel in Seattle and right next to Pike’s Place Market

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We like the “W” and Hotel 1000. Both awesome and in great locations.

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Really, it depends on how much you want to spend. I have at least a few suggestions but am not really sure what kind of an experience you want. The Fairmont, The Edgewater and the Sorrento are amazing too, but are you looking for a place that’s upwards of 300+ a night?

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$300 a night sounds good, it’s for a buddy colin up for the weekend. I have lived in Seattle my whole life and never had to stay in a hotel here. As for experience, it doesn’t matter as long as the place is nice.

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Okay – then I’d try:

The Edgewater

Hotel Max

The Fairmont

The W


The Arctic Club

The Sorrento is gorgeous but may be too floofy for a dude. If he’s a younger guy who wants something nice and still modern, I’d lean toward the W or the Max.

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@figbash: lurve for “floofy” ! :)

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