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Is Rocky Horror Picture Show A Movie?

Asked by desiree333 (3211points) May 14th, 2009

This is a really stupid question but is it a movie that you can rent or is it a musical?

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You can rent the Rocky Horror Picture Show but you miss a lot of substance by watching at home and not in a crowded theater of crazy people throwing toast.

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why is it that on my computer the question says :Cky Horror Picture Show A Movie?” and not “Rocky”?

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Submitter error

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@desiree333 Because that’s what you typed into the box.

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Too late to edit?

But if it makes you feel any better, all but one of the siblings also have spelling/grammar/punctuation errors as well.

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[mod says] Original question has now been edited.

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[augustlan says] RHPS is basically a movie of a musical. The movie can be rented, but it is often shown in movie theaters in bigger cities (usually a midnight showing) – where audience participation is a big part of the experience. It is also often performed live on stage by local theater groups.

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@augustlan oh wow I thought this was a big fad or whatever you want to call it. Isn’t Susan Surandon in it? This is hard to explain but I thought this was more of a legitimate film and not one being filmed in a movie theatre where I am going to hear the audience in the background.. also could I rent this at a mainstream video store like Blockbuster or is it something thats hard to find?

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also, sorry for all the questions. But what is RHPS about? I looked on youtube and tried to see if I could find the complete movie there where its separated into parts, but no one has posted it. And all the videos are about “sweet transvestites”...

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The movie was a B musical, originally. It turned into a huge cult classic, which is when people started getting together and singing along to the songs, dancing, acting it out, and, yes, throwing toast at the screen.

I believe what @augustlan is referring to is that the DVD provides you with (part of) the theater experience, like for example, when you have to yell ‘Slut!’ when Janet appears onscreen. Here is a site with a participation guide

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Honestly, I feel like this can all be best explained by the wikipedia article .

If you want advice on whether you should go see it and in which format after you’ve read the summary, I would be happy to let you know about that.

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I would never want to see a play of it, I would rather rent it because I wouldn’t be able to hear it with a bunch of people yelling slut and throwing toast. After I read the article from Wikipedia all I can think is wtf this movie souns soo retarted..

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@desiree333 The movie itself is pretty damn awful. It’s a spoof of a B movie, which kind of makes it a C movie. The whole point of it is the fun of participation. I’ve seen it on stage (my ex-husband was the drummer for the live music in that production) which was… interesting.

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It originally was a truly horrible movie, but is now a very funny comedy, mostly because of the audience participation. If you just want to watch a movie, I would never recommend this one.

If you want to have a good time, go to a midnight showing. Or form a “really bad movie” group to meet at your house once a month or so, and make up your own audience participation, like we did. We get really bad movies and then sit around and make up jokes as we go along.

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I’ve never seen it. Why toast?

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One character proposes a toast. Toast is then thrown.

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Don’t forget the newspapers over your head because of the rain! And the man with no neck!

And actually the first half of the movie is fairly good because there are a number of double entendres. The second half drags because there aren’t any new jokes, just a need to wrap the story up.

It does indeed star Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, and you have to see Tim Curry in it to believe it.

And yes, I used to attend midnight showings frequently, usually dressed as Janet, along with a friend who dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter.

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I saw the movie in 1975 when it initially opened in Westwood California which is adjacent to the UCLA campus. It was the start of my junior year at UCLA and I thought the movie was a fun parody, definitely campy, at times quirky and not bashful in poking fun at itself. Of course, any break from studies was eagerly welcomed and there was likely some form or multiple forms of attitude adjustment involved. Hey, it was the 70’s!

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It’s both, dammit!

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I looove youuu.

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Since my original post was exised, let me add this.
I love Rocky Horror. The movie is a great send up of B movies, and had a young cast of future stars. I loved going to the midnight screenings in Berkeley, and while the DVD has an audience track that will allow me to remember the fun, I will watch the movie just to marvel at it.
What, meatloaf again?

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Let’s do the time warp again!

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I have Time Warp in “Chux Mix” (a playlist that features my favorite songs) on my iPhone, so I hear it a lot.
So put your hands on your hips and join me.

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It’s just a jump to the left.

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And then a step to the right!

I’ve been a big RHPS fan for many years. I’ve been to see the movie at midnight showings and it is a fantastic time. I haven’t been in years, but I usually dressed as Columbia in pajamas with the Mickey Mouse ears. I’ve also seen it on stage, but it’s just called The Rocky Horror Show when performed live.

FUCK THE BACK ROW! that’s my favorite audience participation line!

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Go rent the movie. You won’t get the whole experience (which is to say, quite crazy – dressing up as transvestites, going to the theatre, singing along, being crazy, throwing toast, etc), but that’s fine, your first time is more than fine being the movie.

The movie itself is high quality, it’s not a cam or anything, it’s a full production in the same vein as Cats or Phantom of the Opera (in that it was/is on Broadway, but there is a film version available).

It is a completely unique piece of cult history, and while you won’t have the same experience that people had when it first came out, you’ll still have a great time. Watch it with as many friends as you can get :)

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No…. It is a Horror Picture Show.

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