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I need to find a website that allows me to create online tests?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) May 14th, 2009

Well I found one but it doesn’t seem to do exactly what I want it to. The program has to be free, and require no downloading to use. I mainly want people to be able to sign up for the test without me having to put them in or creating a code for them, just setting one code. And i want it to be able to tell me who passed what tests. Any one have any suggestions?

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Try this website. For free, i’m not sure if it will tell you if the person passed or not, But it will give you a HTML code based on multiple choice questions you set up. You then retrieve the results on their website, and you can then grade the test yourself.

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Oh that’s easy- you can find them at I Need a robot teacher. com.

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