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How do I call someone and it shows up as restricted on thier caller ID?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) May 14th, 2009
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It is a setting that needs to be changed with your telco. Most phones have a menu option that will allow you to check or change the restrict/reveal ID settings.

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In my Razr its under
Settings/In Call Set Up/My Caller ID/Next Call Only/Hide ID or Show ID

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I’ve got a Samsung and in mine it’s under setting/network services/caller ID

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Can’t you hide your caller id by pressing *67 before dialing the number?

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@SuperMouse not if you are in a country that does not recognise *67.
Here (Australia) we (1832/1831) to turn ID on and off.

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I think the bigger question is, how old are you and why haven’t you moved past the appeal of prank calls?

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