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What's better, high school orlife after high school, and why?

Asked by ccbatx (338points) May 14th, 2009

In your opinion and with your experiences, what do you think is better. High school or the life after high school (you know what I mean=)? And why do you think that?

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High school is a part of the real world, isn’t it?

I personally loved all my years in school…from K through college graduation. That was 17 years of life, I would say.

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High school. Because high school and the real world are pretty much exactly the same, only the real world is more expensive and nobody cuts you slack because you’re just a kid.

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Girls are easier to get in High School.

You know, I always thought that High School was just another part of the real world. Maybe I missed something.

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As much as I hated certain parts of my education, overall I loved it all. I don’t think you can really compare the two, because both have its pros and cons.

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@MacBean lurve! Very good answer. :)

Don’t rush high school! It’s a necessary part of life, in my opinion. You need these years to test the waters, figure out what direction you may want to take in life. Understand I said may, because you may change you mind a million times.

In high school, it’s easier to get “do overs.” In “real life” or “adult life” – sometimes, those “do overs” are harder to come by…it can make life a bit more tricky.

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@DarkScribe wish my high school was the same. girls at mine either dated college guys or remained single with hopeful intentions of snatching a college guy

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Funny… I’m going to high school next year. :-/

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Life after. I wasn’t a social lemming – I wasn’t following the trends and I didn’t like how judgmental everyone was (at least at my high school). I minded my business and stuck to close friends so there really isn’t a whole lot I’d go back for.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot more and grown a lot in college.

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High School is the worst! The absolute worst! Total misery. What’s even worse is that sometimes it follows you in your life, and pops up where you least expect it. Far too many people never outgrow it, socially speaking. There are signs that even fluther is turning into high school

Life after high school was so much better. College was the best. The years right after were just as good. Things are good now, but not as good as when I was 25. But there’s a lot to be said for being an adult, and responsible for your own life.

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There is no amount of money that would make me want to return to my high school years. Life didn’t start getting good until well into my 20’s.

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Socially, I think high school kinda rocks. I loved being surrounded by people my own age, and making friends was super easy. But I also have a co-worker-less job, so… Also, I was really reckless in high school, and I kinda miss that type of responsibility-less freedom.

But I prefer life after high school. Living on my own is fabulous and I like not having anyone but myself to truly answer to.

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After high school was better for me. In college I could pretty much control my schedule so I didn’t have to be perky and wide awake at 8 am (except for one semester when chemistry was at 8 am). I had wheels so I could go to concerts and art events without begging for a ride. I had my own place that I could decorate as I wished (within my budget of course) and no one cared if I didn’t clean up immediately.

However, after college was pretty sucky sometimes, at least until I finally got a job I really liked.

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High school was fun, but after high school you get to be your own boss. No more reporting to mommy and daddy! Sure, you have to be responsible and pay your own bills and what not, but it’s so worth it. My early 20s were the best years of my life!

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After, for me. High school was too loud, too crowded and filled with a level of pettiness never to be seen again afterward.

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High school – lots of relaxation and less responsibility

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The only thing I liked about school was the books and assignments. The social part was pure hell. I’m just glad I had a great family/home life to make up for it.

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Ugh.. I hated high school. If it werent for my six or seven good friends and my bf I would’ve been homeschooled.

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Life after high school is longer, so it’s better.

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Life doesn’t really begin until you’re at least 30. (And if talking specifically about one thing, then college is much better! No comparison.)

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Yeah, I am gonna have to say life after high school is way better. There is just a lot more freedom, sure there are more responsibilities but at least I can do what ever I want. I don’t think I would go back to high school if I had the chance. I much more enjoy getting trashed at parties and clubs, sleeping when I want, working and making money and going to class only a couple hours a day instead of like 7.

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Ah, my child, you must still be in highschool to be asking such a question.

High school can be great… relatively little responsibility, probably the best body you’ll ever have, feeling your youth, discovering yourself…. but life after high school is better. You’re out of the “bubble”, you meet more people, you have control over your own life, you become the person you really are, and you find maturity.

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Life after high school is WAY better. High school was such a drama llama, it was ridiculous. Even university was a bit clique-y, but at least most people were more professional. Real life, my friend, is way way way more fun, valuable, and less stressful depending on what job you choose. In life you control everything, versus HS where you control pretty much nothing except what you wear and eat for lunch.

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I hated high school, it was just a miserable experience for me, so I would say life-after is a lot better. But, I can understand why people would say otherwise though, high school was a lot easier, less responsibilities and less complicated relationships.

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My experience with high school was OK. Not great, but not bad. My friends and I were not part of the “cool” crowd, but we weren’t picked on or singled out either. My senior year was probably the best, since by that time my parents pretty much let me do whatever I wanted and my friends and I had a lot of fun. None of us drank, had serious boyfriends, went to parties, or did drugs. We were kind of dorks, I guess, but by junior and senior year we really didn’t care.

College, on the other hand, was great. I would happily relive college, especially my senior year which was a blast. For me, life after high school has been much better, just because it’s more interesting.

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I hated high school. If I could take any four years of my life and blot them from my memory; my four years of high school would be it. Life after high school is infinately better. I have achieved more out of high school than ever did while in high school.

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Life after high school is better. The maturity of people becomes more common.

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For some folks, life never gets better than high school, which is very, very sad.

Most of the interesting and lovable people I know were and are late bloomers.

Oddly, two of the jock heroes at my high school became greatly successful in their jock fields. Of all the high school athletes, a small percentage play in college, and then a much smaller percentage of the college athletes go on to professional ball, and then among professional ballplayers, a few of them wind up as coaches. One of my high school classmates is an NFL coach, and another is a MLB manager.

There’s a trivia question: Which NFL coach and MLB manager were in the same high school class?

So they’re a lucky pair of guys. Not only were they hugely popular in high school as the star jocks, they grew as adults.

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Life after high school. You do have more responsibility, but with that responsibility comes much more freedom.

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Life after high school. No doubt about it!

In spite the responsibility, you not only have more freedom, but you are exposed to a much more diverse group of people—more ethnic groups, a wider variation in age, etc. That makes life more interesting, and it introduces lots of learning experiences you never would have dreamed of in high school.

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I hated high school. And im not saying that cuz i was the nerd, i was actually very popular. I just cant stand immaturity. I would rather have to pay bills and wash my own clothes and work etc than ever go back to that materialistic hell hole.

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