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Any good tv capture cards for mac?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) May 14th, 2009 from iPhone

I plan on making halo 3 machinimia. My mac has 1 gb RAM.

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You mean like this?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean or what you want to do…

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dverhey is right. Something by elgato is best.

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Sorry I didn’t explain in more detail. I want to record video on my tv through my mac, so I’d be able to edit footage from the tv. Actually, the capture card you suggested looks good!
I’m off to go check the reviews…

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I am also not exactly sure what you want to do but I use this. It’s also made by Elegato. It has a coaxial input on one end that I connect to my digital cable box and a usb on the other end that I connect to my mac. It essentially turns my mac into a television set and dvr and anything that comes through my cable box can be watched and/or recorded. It comes with its own editing program that allows you to export recordings/edits/clips to a whole lot of different formats. I’m quite happy with it but I don’t really use it for much other than watching and recording TV, but it sounds like it should do what you want. BTW, you don’t need a digital cable box to use it. It also will turn your mac into what essentially amounts to a Tivo system. All in all, it’s pretty cool.

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Get something by Elgato, NOT by Pinnacle. Just a warning: to upgrade EyeTV to a usable version with the features that should be free, you have to pay 50 bux. If you want to use it as a DVR in addition to as a capture device, you have to get a TV guide subscription through EyeTV, $20/year, first year is free. There’s lots of little hidden costs with EyeTV, but it’s the only option on the Mac, really.

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