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Do you think High School reunions are a thing of the past?

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) May 15th, 2009

I’m just about ready for my 10 year class reunion and I’m wondering if this is an outdated affair. The point of a reunion is to figure out what everyone else is doing with their life (and to see who got bald and fat right?). So with this being the age of Facebook, I kind of already know what everyone is doing, what they look like, their kids names… all that stuff.

I mean don’t get me wrong… I’m fully attending to go, just so I can actually talk and hang out. Although, I just received a message saying that the reunion is on the verge of being canceled due to lack of interest. So, hence, fluther.

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Yeah, Facebook has taken away a lot of the purposes of reunions. However, even with Facebook there are people from HS I don’t talk to, and I figure that meeting face to face we would have some short chat at least. But as the years go on, yes, I do think that real life reunions will cease to exist, possibly being replaced by the group of older friends getting together more casually to reunite.

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I think that will be the case. My 20th was 2 years ago, but yes, a lot of them are on Facebook if we want to keep in touch.

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I know someone whose high school did a 5 year reunion. No, that’s not a typo. 5 years. What the hell?

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You go because it’s surprisingly fun and you can play footsie with the people you were too afraid to approach when you were in school.
You can stay in touch while actually touching! Four people sitting around the same yearbook, drinking a little wine and laughing is much more enjoyable than reading a facebook page at home alone. Also, the conversations seem much deeper. The comments are not being written down and won’t be kept online someplace for posterity. You can confess to clogging that toilet next to Mr.Sullivan’s class.
Oh wait! Is this going on my permanant record?

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Im not going to mine which should be coming up soon.

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Eh. I am going to mine so I can see how all the people I went to high school with ended up. That and maybe get into a fist fight. (shrugs)

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I’ve never been to one, and I may remember about one person from high school, and he isn’t even in my class. I’ve never been to a college reunion either. The past, I guess, whether good or bad, is not a place I wish to revisit.

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I went to my last 2 reunions & had a great time. Lupin, you’re SO right…there’s nothing like sitting down & having a real live conversation with someone to rehash over old times. What one person remembers is so much different than the next. Swapping stories is such fun.

I wasn’t in the “in crowd” in school. But all of a sudden, everyone’s my best friend. What’s THAT all about? Where were you when we were in school & you thought you were better than me? One guy came up to me & said “ooohhh, where were YOU in school?” I looked at him & said “I was right under your nose.” Oh well.

But yeah, reunions are fun. Some people look great, some look so bad that you’re going “who the hell is THAT?”

(Spresto, NO fighting!!!) ;-)

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My 10 year is coming up in a couple years. I’m excited. It’s going to be weird seeig everyone in person. That’s something facebook cannot do. I like using the Internet and all but I’m not letting it rob me from real life experiences.

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I went to my 40th and got two boyfriends and an amiable stalker from it. My last hurrah. It was fun since I knew these guys when they were wetting their pants or flunking math.

It is especially wonderful if you have aged well, relatively speaking. And it is interesting to see who peaked early and who had latent but invisible promise.

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i hated high school and have no intentions of going back. even if i was bill gates rich, i wouldn’t go to a high school reunion.

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Facebook is wonderful but it could never replace face-to-face interactions with old classmates. Plus, you get to meet their spouses (if they bring them) and play games and such.

I went to a small private school and even though I’ve kept in touch with almost everyone, I can’t wait for my high school reunions. Each class year has multiple ones…up to the the 50th year mark.

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@MacBean I just saw on Facebook a 5 year reunion from high school…the girls were all still friends though! I was like uhhh what the hell? lol

Boo to Facebook for ruining it. But, I think 10 or 20 year reunions could still be interesting. Sitting down and talking about old times would be different in person than over the internet.

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I don’t think they’re any less relevant than they have been in the past. I closed the book on high school when I left for college, and I really haven’t looked back.

I, too, am tired of everyone suddenly being my best friend. People who couldn’t be bothered to say two words to me in high school are suddenly trying to be my friends on Facebook. If I haven’t spoken to you since graduation, and I haven’t wondered where you are, and if I can’t put a face to the name—you’re not a friend.

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I’m now 30 years past my high school days. I’m still in contact with the classmates whom I cared about then. The others – who cares? In my opinion, Facebook, MySpace, MyFace, whatever the case may be, if they work for a person in place of face-to-face, I’m all for it. I’m not still in high school. I’ve moved on. Years ago. Live in the now. Not in the past.

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I don’t think it is. I mean even though there is still facebook/myspace/other social networking websites, it brings people together that wouldn’t usually go out of their way to talk to each other.

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Not to the people who care about that sort of thing. My high school graduation class was nearly 1,000 people, and of those, about 100 were actually involved in school activities. They will probably be at our 50th reunion in a couple of years.

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But the value of any given reunion depends entirely on the value of the people attending. I have a number of successful ex schoolmates and I use reunions to network with them. Forget the ones who didn’t get anywhere.

So the question is, how successful are your classmates?

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@jackfright : How do you define “successful”?

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@gailcalled short answer: people I respect, can work with or learn from.

I sort of left my previous post vague because it’s really up to the OP to define his own terms of ‘success’.

In my context I look to classmates who have acquired positions of responsibility and influence, recognition in their respective industries, and those who’ve done well financially. I hold successful entrepreneurs in especially high esteem.

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Wait a minute, is this a trick question? Of course they are a thing of the past.

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I define successful as being YARNLADY’s last comment… brilliant.

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I agree @yarnlady is pure win, aged to perfection

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I guess this is one answer to the question. I was just notified that my reunion has been canceled due to lack of interest. How did I get notified you ask? Facebook.

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