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Why is my sound system cutting out?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) May 15th, 2009

I have a Logitech Sound system z-5500 and for some reason it cuts out for a moment when i watch tv or play Ps3 on it… Any reason why?

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the output on the ps3 or tv on the audio frequency might be too high causing it to cutoff. try to lower the volume on the tv or ps3 if you can and just adjust the volume on the sound system

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How do you have it connected?

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digital coaxal. its the only way to connect the tv to the sound system. and the ps3 is connected to the tv via hdmi.

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If it’s cutting out momentarily, when you switch from one input to the other, it’s because it has to sync up with the signal from the device. This might not even be the fault of your audio system; it could be the TV itself. If you have problems with the signal dropping out intermittently long after you’ve switched the inputs, you probably have too much analog attenuation in the signal path. The first thing I’d try there is a better-quality cable.

Some sound systems have HDMI inputs of their own, and take over the task of switching the video from one source to the next, keeping the audio internal. That’s the way I would go if I were to start building a system from scratch.

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… it doesn’t. it has computer hookups. optical that goes to the 360, coax, that goes to the the tv and ps3 and then the direct that uses the ipod as my alarm clock. :) it doesn’t “skip” on anything else… and I’m using a 3ft monster cable…

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and it might help if the cable is pushed in all the way… X-D D’oh!!

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