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What would it cost at todays prices to build the Six Million Dollar man?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 15th, 2009
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It might as well be six trillion as the technology doesn’t exist.

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Well, if the show aired three first television movies in 1973, and take that year as the year of creation, and run it in the inflation calculator (which runs until 2008).
with $6 000 000 cost of production, it would amount to $28 766 492.60 in late 2008.

Let’s make it an even $30 million including lunch breaks as well.

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@oratio thanks for taking the time.@astro why 6 trillion if the technology does not exist?

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I meant to write “it might as well be six dollars or six trillion…”

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@oratio – but you leave out one important facet…the advance of technology. I forget what “law” it is (Moore’s maybe?) that says computing technology doubles every 18 months, which means after 36 years, our technology is about 2.1 million times as advanced as it was in 1973. So, if you took that number into the $28.7M figure, you’d end up with the $13.72 man.

Of course however, this assumes that the rate of inflation in the medical field (as it would be doctors doing these surgeries) is the same as the standard inflation rate, and we all know that medical expenses have gone up faster than pretty much any other area of our economy. To really know the answer to this, you’d need to know how much of the $6M was technology, how much was the cost of the surgery and how much were the materials.

I’m gonna say, if Steve Austin has insurance, maybe $50, if not, about half a mil.

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Not that much. Those 1970’s “high-tech,” futuristic parts can be purchased at Radio Shack for a few bucks.

I’ll show you my receipts after my android is finished.

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- According to the Doctors: 24 Million
– According to the bank: 1 Million plus 312 Million hidden interest
– According to the healthplan administrator: 328 Thousand with minor modifications for efficiency

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