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What are some of the problems papa johns pizza has been facing over the years?

Asked by love408 (147points) May 15th, 2009


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Bad Pizza?

I don’t really know…

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Delicious pizza, in my experience terrible location placement, high prices, and the economy blows.

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Not sure, but the problem I have with them is that they advertise like crazy up here in the Boston area, but I have never seen a single one.

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Gosh, these read just exactly like homework questions from a b-school text book. Like one of those little aside case studies that you have to do in your intro courses. And if they are, the answer is in the little case study. How would we ever know the correct one?

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I think they are doing their best to stay as close to the top as possible, just like their competitors. I want to makeout with whoever created the ingredient in their garlic butter cup! Damn its good!

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA That garclic butter cup is excellent! I get some good coupons from Papa John’s online, but I will say I’m not thrilled with the $1.75 delivery fee.

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Crappy pizza, but I do like the peper.

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@Supacase, I don’t like paying 0.50 cents extra for the garlic butter cups. That would be my only complaint so far.

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Wild inconsistencies between franchises with regard to service and quality. That’s been what I’ve noticed.

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… Crappy pizza?

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