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What are people's opinions of the iPhone App for Fluther?

Asked by osullivanbr (3625points) May 15th, 2009

I just this minute found an iPhone app for accessing Fluther. A quick search on here proved fruitless, and nothing on the blog either. It was release yesterday so I would have thought someone would have said something about it by now? What gives?

I take it this isn’t an “official” app, in which case, what do you think Ben and Andrew will, or should have to say about it?

If you have used it, what’s you opinion?

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I’m using it right now. Seems great to me except for one big thing. You have to sign in everytime you use it. That’s a pain.

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I couldn’t get it to allow me to ask a question – used the website in the end. Also the registration process is a bit of a pain because you have to verify your email, although I understand why.

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Well, now it’s keeping me logged in, so no complaints.

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This is my first time using fluther so I think it is great.

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I have no problem accessing Fluther on my BlackBerry Storm – no special app needed. I just set it to emulate a Firefox browser and away it goes.

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I dont have to sign in every time i use ifluther.
I think it’s a well done mobile app although by virtue of how many web pages I end up loading in an average fluther session, it kills my battery in a short period of time. .

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Somewhat disappointing considering it’s nothing more than a reskinned browser.

That said, it’s free and it’s better than nothing.

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Sooo annoying. I can’t see what I have written beyond 4 lines of text and editing is a bitch. I still use it though.

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@jonketo @froamer Welcome to Fluther!

If you have cookies enabled on your phone you should remain signed in unless you hit the log out on accident.

What would truly rock would be a link at the bottom of each page to the home page so I do not have to scroll up up up up long answers to get to my stuff.

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I knew nothing about it. Downloading now. I’ll report back with my findings.

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Is it supported by the Fluther God’s?

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Ok, so it’s basically like the webpage for iPhone, but I like the “Browse,” “Ask,” “Alerts,” “Search,” and “Account” buttons at the bottom. That makes it easier and quicker to jump to alerts and questions. I’ll be replacing my webpage bookmark with this app.

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I’m using it now, and it seems quite nice. Actually, seeing that the app had been released allowed me to discover the site.

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It’s okay. It’s just like the mobile site. It has some bugs. I’ll stick with it. Hopefully a more native app comes out.

That’ll do pig

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I don’t think it’s as good as it could be. It’s basically a skin for the iphone-styled website. Hopefully, a more integrated app is on the cards.

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It’s just wrapping the site. Very dissapointing.

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It’s FREE. Do we really have much to complain about when we aren’t paying for it?

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Is it supported by the fluther gods though (as @willbrawn said)?

It is a nice step forward in my eyes, however, re-skinning the web page is all it is at the end of the day. I must say, I think I rather the iPhone optimised site to be honest.

Heading in the right direction though.

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Oh wait! An app as in real app?

Ohh goodie! Off to seek and download!!!

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Btw, if you want to reach the top of a page in any app in iPhone, click/touch the top bar (one where time is displayed).

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@Bagardbilla SERIOUSLY?!!! Lurve! I had no idea!

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Actually, I think I’ll go back to using the web app until they change a couple of things.
One: You can’t use it in horizontal mode, nor zoom in, and…
Two: More importantly, after you leave the app it doesn’t remember where you were when you come back. In fact this is the second time I’ve had to type all this as my wife called me while I was writing this the first time.
These things should have been thought out before this app was made. Too bad.

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And three: You can’t go to any links outside of fluther.
That really sucks.

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I like it a lot. It’s very convienient!

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@Sscoolio Welcome to Fluther!

I am liking the new app. Testing it at the airport.

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What user made the fluther app? I’m assuming a regular on fluther.

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The application is actually how I discovered fluther. I had never heard of it until then. My main concern is that I feel they should enable an option to use the landscape keyboard. I think any app that may require much typing should have that option.

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And enable links.

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@AstroChuck Ahh, haven’t run into that yet. But good one.

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This is what I mean.

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Does it show your activity counter on it’s icon? It would be cool to see if you have any activity without opening it up (or at least activity you didn’t look at when you left)

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Another thing. If you want to refresh you have to close the app and open it again.
All these things need to be addressed and then this would be a real nice app.

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It is supported by us. It’s made by our friends at Magnetism Studios. We were waiting to announce it before we work out a few kinks.

We’ll keep an eye on this thread, so let us know of any issues.

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If it’s supported by you guys and could essentially be considered “official”, please tell magnetism studios to include more of the graphic elements/assets in the app itself instead of just loading your mobile site. It’ll help a lot with load times.

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Oopsie. You were waiting to announce it and what do I do, go and spoil it all on you. Sorry about that Ben. I shall give myself a firm speaking to.

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i’ll stay with until the kinks are worked out.

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Awesome! It is a gift directly from the Fluthergods to all the flutherites!

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