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It's 11:00. Do you know where your spare buttons are?

Asked by Jeruba (55317points) May 15th, 2009

All those extra buttons that come with your jacket or dress: do you have a designated place for them all? Do you label them? Do you ever use them? Can you find them when you need them?

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I keep all of mine in a bag in my bathroom. I doubt I’ll ever use them, but just in case, they are always there. I also keep spare thread and beads that are sometimes attached to clothes. Maybe someday I’ll make a collage out of them. Probably not.

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I do have a designated place for them, (a zipped pouch in my sock drawer) I do not label them (usually when you need a button you have a good idea of what you’re looking for) and, I do make good use of them (for some reason buttons are never properly attached to clothes these days)

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They tend to be affixed to my shirts already. Men’s shirts have the 2 spare buttons at the bottom.

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I had a whole bag of them & I went through it a couple months ago. Some of the buttons belonged to clothes that I no longer have, so I pitched some. They accumulate in a hurry.

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Being a guy wearing suits: If you buy a quality suit, preferably Italian, they are sewn in somewhere on the inside. As for shirts, @TCH is on point.

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I don’t get it. What does the time of the day have to do with spare buttons?

@TaoSan High-five on wearing quality Italian suits. (I’m wearing my favorite today.) :)

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SMACK Hi Five!!!!

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I have given them all names and they all have their own rooms.

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The ones on this shirt are where they should be – safely tucked and cozily placed inside the front of my pants, readily accessible through the zipper if a button emergency should arise.

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Most of them are still on the clothing item itself. I find it’s more handy to keep them (at least dress shirt ones) attached than to have them at home, in the case where a button flies off while I’m out of town.

I keep all of my buttons as I use them for crafts etc.

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I saved them, hundreds of them, for years. One day I purchased an inexpensive & framed mirror. I glued all the buttons all over the mirrors frame and hung it in our guest room. Everyone loves it, and it’s certainly unique.

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I keep a bulletin board on the wall in my closet for the extra buttons and the pictures kids draw for me that I don’t want on display but make me smile. Damn, I’m organized.

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hahaa; I just throw them on the floor, or away with the tags. I’d be too lazy to stitch a button back on if it ever broke, anyways. x]

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Wow. I am really surprised by all these people storing their buttons. When I clicked on this question, I expected everyone to have an answer similar to mine – I have no idea where they are. I know I never throw them, but I don’t have an allotted spot for them either. So I think over time they probably just move from the dresser to the trash can next to it. Am I doomed? Now I feel incredibly guilty for not storing them; I’ll have to pay better attention to buttons from now on :)

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I have a pretty little box (about shoebox size) that I use as my sewing kit. Note that I hardly ever sew anything, but when I have to, I can. There’s a little 4 compartment organizer in it that I use for spare buttons, straight pins, safety pins, and needles.Tape measure, spools of thread, seam ripper and pin cushion are just kind of haphazardly thrown in. The box lives on my bookcase.

I have used several buttons for their intended purpose, but most just hang out in there until they become obsolete. Then they get used by my kids for craft projects.

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They’re in the same box where I keep my sewing kit.

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