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Can I trade my 2G for a 1G?

Asked by Yaman (1points) May 15th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m aware that apple will trade your 1G iPod Touch for a 2G with the warranty, but can I do it the other way around? I have a 32GB 2G and I’d much rather have the first generation because of how much easier it is to jailbreak. I still have the reciept/warranty. Can I send it to apple for a 1G?

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most likely not.

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They don’t have them in the refurb store anymore. The likeliness is that they simply don’t have any now.

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Thanks a big “negative” on that one.

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No, it won’t work…you should sell it and then use the money to get a 1G.

I have a 32 GB 1G iPod Touch and I got it for cheaper at Best Buy.

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Try checking sites like Craigslist for people that may be willing to trade.

But I doubt you could send it to apple.

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