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(for Canadiens) How can I get a better deal on my monthly phone bill?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) May 15th, 2009 from iPhone

Right now I have Rogers and 40$ a month is too much for what I get. I don’t even have call display or voice mail. I can’t leave because of my contract and the deals out right now suck. I’ve heard of some people who have had some luck getting great deals over the phone. What should I do ? Is there a way to switch carriers without outrageous fees or is there a way I can sweet talk my way to a great deal? (also would I have to pay fees to switch to fido since they’re the same company?) Thanks

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Call them. Tell them your going with fido or bell. They will offer you a better deal. Do not be shy about being pushy.

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40$!! That’s great!! I’m paying waaaayyy more than that I won’t say because I’m ashamed. You can call them and complain and they’ll possibly want to maintain an existing customer rather than attract new ones.

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Thanks for your responses but I am under a contract. Would they still try and keep me as a customer while knowing I would have to pay a 400$ penalty for leaving?

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