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What does this even mean? "We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!

Asked by YARNLADY (45108points) May 15th, 2009

Who is “We.”? and what’s with all the periods, and why are they shouting? I don’t even like milkshakes. How does “We.” know there’s no backwash in it?

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something sexual.

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All it makes me think of is “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”. I love that song.

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YES! Finally! I have asked myself this many times. I don’t want them to drink my milkshake. I feels like a statement of violation. I don’t remember them drinking it, whatever it is. Maybe it happened during my sleep.

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One of the most fantastic movie quotes of all time. I waited that whole (atpoundollar) movie for that line. It was worth the wait. I could’ve done without the rest of the movie, really.

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They’re welcome to my milkshake.

If they touch my cookies, I’m breaking bones.

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I saw that movie, but I must admit my failings, I didn’t remember that line. Jeeez I just watched it from the link above and now I wonder how I could have NOT remembered it!! Maybe I slept through it, I think I will watch the whole movie again.

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@cprevite Oh, come on! Just a nibble!?

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My milkshake brings all the boys to he yard. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

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So Fluther is dissing us? Just try to get my milkshake beyatch :)~

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I absolutely hate that song. Even if it weren’t for the cheesy, “secretly”-sexual undertones.. the rubbish lyrics…just the sound of it is enough to wither trees and curdle milk.

The periods are a longer break than a comma in the sentence. They place emphasis on each word just like in the movie. They are only missing the slurping sound to make it complete. Rest assured, if time is my milkshake.. fluther is certainly drinking it all up.

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Ha ha! I think that line was what first attracted me to fluther. I love There Will Be Blood.

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@oratio: For you, I’ll share.

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Mabye… Someone takes something that you like away from you?

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In the movie, in the actual context, DDL is talking about other people’s oil companies vs. his own. He’s saying that his is so big (the big straw) that no matter what new companies come along, his reach is so far that they don’t have a chance of getting their hand (little straw) in the pot (milkshake). He’ll eventually buy them out, or run them out of business. Is that right? someone care to help a sister out?

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@La_chica_gomela when will I learn to “search” first?

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@cprevite I.Nibble.Your.COOKIE!
Thank you!

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@YARNLADY eeww….backwash!

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@YARNLADY one of the first things I did on fluther ever was to look this phrase up. If you ever find the story behind it, its hilarious… (the director of there will be blood’s explanation as to why it was put in)

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its a link to a yahoo answer… that has the congressional hearing described. I think about this and burst out laughing regularly.

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@noelasun Thank you, that certainly clears it up.

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@noelasun: HILARIOUS! I love it! I wish I could give you more GAs!! @YARNLADY: I am so glad you asked this question!! I would have never known that backstory otherwise!

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