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How do I bulk load product data from SAP to an ecommerce system?

Asked by jsk2370 (3points) December 21st, 2007
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Your question is a bit vague. What kind of ecommerce solution are you talking about? What fields from the product data tables do you want? Does it need to interact with the SAP when a sale is made (like to deduct the item from inventory or get an account #)? Most likely you want a database to database transfer, so the back-end database types need to be known.

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Ok, let me elaborate;

ATG is used as content management/ecommerce platform
Fields needed are most likely product description and image
Here’s the thing; these fields may not exist in SAP

So par the equation is really first seeing if there are syndicated product content services out there and then determining whether SAP or ATG should be the “master” source of this information. Any advice on this is much appreciated

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SAP has extensive documentation and libraries related to integration. Bulk loading is basically a three step process known as ETL (extract, transform, load). You extract the files from SAP via a data connector, transform it to break fields or merge them, as the new format requires, and then load it in to your new system. Check out the SAP developer forums, they’re pretty helpful. (Just avoid the loud mouthed know it alls).

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