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Does 2nd day air include saturday shipping?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) May 16th, 2009

i ordered a package and paid $65 for 2nd day air so i would have it before next week. i ordered it thursday at around 5 and i wanted it by today. will they deliver today or will i still have to wait until monday and have wasted all that money?

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If it was shipped UPS, you would have had to pay an additional fee for Saturday delivery. If it was shipped FedEx, they will deliver on Saturday.

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@harp but isnt today the 2nd day!?!? lol. if it was shipped/processed Thursday, today is the second day! by wouldn’t they include Saturday shipping in a $65 2nd day air order? does it make a difference if i always get packages on sat without paying? a couple weeks ago i ordered something on Tuesday and it came ups sat, does that change anything?

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see edited answer above (refresh to view)

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The sender should be able to give you a tracking number that will end all doubt.

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Saturday delivery costs more, particularly to a residential address. Unless you specify and pay extra, 2 day air will be 2 business days.

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@Mamradpivo – so in other words…i wasted $70 because it wont be here for 4 days at least

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@futurelaker88 (Sunday) Any luck?

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@Harp…..nope. lol. Right you were my friend.

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i ordered a phone saturday at 12 noon with 2nd shipping and the business days are monday threw friday when will I get my phone???

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@seen101…... Never…..

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