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Did you try wolfram alpha yet ?

Asked by iwamoto (5258points) May 16th, 2009

I must say it works pretty nice, for example, i sometimes tease my romanian colleague about stuff like “well, the GPD in Romania is smaller then the average shoe size..” but now you can really look up facts, it’s great, do side by side comparisons, simply amazing

I can even look up musical stuff, for instance, i looked up the blues scale and it even told me how to play it on a piano, simply amazing stuff.

check it out for yourself

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I think this is the link you wanted.

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hmm, weird linking again.. anyway, what did YOU think of it ?

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I like it. I love learning random (and often useless) facts, so this is great. If no one hears from me for a few hours, you know what I’m doing.

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I did try it. It seems interesting, but I don’t really have much of a purpose for it at this current time. But I’m sure I will use it as a resource later on in life.

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i wanted to know wich did better, first indy or first star wars, star wars grossed 100 million more in box office…damn !

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