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Guys, which name do you like best?

Asked by Awesomeness (22points) May 16th, 2009 from iPhone

My name is one of those that can be made simpler. I am unsure about what to change it to however, so guys, I need your help, which name do you think is the sexiest or best: Katie, kate, katya, or katrina?

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Katrina. most of the others could still be used as nick names.

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or Katja ?

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uh, Katrina of course ;)

why is this just for guys?

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@casheroo I’m thinking she meant “guys” as in everybody. Maybe not though.

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I like Katja best, then Katrina.
I still don’t understand how you get those choices from altering Awesomeness, though…

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I like Katya best.

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why is everyone not saying Katrina?? :(

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@casheroo Maybe Katrina brings up too many negative connotations for people. I think it’s a beautiful name, though. I like Katja or Katya, but it needs to be said with a Russian accent. That’s hot!

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@ru2bz46 My name is Katrina. I didn’t think about the negative connotations, I do know I get a lot of hurricane remarks though.

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Well @casheroo, you have a beautiful name! (I never would have thought to pronounce casheroo with an “na” at the end.)

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I would spell it Catriona..

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Thanks for answering everyone!

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@Awesomeness So, what will you call yourself?

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Katya is cool. ok, Katrina (calm @casheroo). Ekaterina is pretty cool as well (of which Katya is the short form).

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Idk, probably Kate. Sounds alright, right?

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@augustlan I’ll take that as a vote for my name.
@eponymoushipster thank you :)

A name I, as a Katrina, despise is Caterina or Katerina. Such a stupid name.

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That’s because it sounds awkward in English, and you’re not used to hearing it.

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I second Rufus. That which is named through Fluther must be named Rufus!

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Rufus is nice!

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I like Kat, too. Kat Osterman was (is) a incredibly sexy and athletic softball pitcher for the Texas Longhorns and in the Olympics. Go for it!

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Sounds like cat hah.

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If, as in your original question, you’re asking for “sexiest”, it’s got to be Katya (with a Russian accent), or Katrina. Without the accent, Katrina’s got it.

Kate and Kat are just too “girl next door” sounding. Rufus is good for fetish night, maybe keep it as a nickname.

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I was kidding about rufus but it sounds like a good name :).

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