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Do your parents ever become your peers?

Asked by tinyfaery (41505points) May 16th, 2009

Being on jury duty this week made me think, if the legal definition of my peer is anyone over the age of 18, that drives and/or votes, and has not been convicted of a felony, then at what age do my elders become my peers? Are my parents my peers? What about my grandfather, is he my peer? My idiot 19 year old nephew?

Or, is the idea of a peer really a generational thing? Are my peers just anyone aged, say 28–48?

What is your definition of peer?

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Your peers are those who share your world with you.

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That’s not an answer. My cats share my world with me.

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There you go, your cats are your peers

Isn’t a peer someone that’s equal? At equal standing. Similar in person and way of life. And you become a peer to your parents when you achieve a similar life, knowledge, understanding and maturity of mind.

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Ok then… Law abiding citizens that share your world. If you feel your peers are inferior to you, that’s your deal.

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so, anyone that has ever been convicted of a felony is not my peer? my husband isn’t anyones peer then..? lol

I consider a peer to just be any person, that I just exist with.

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I consider a peer to be anyone with whom I am acquainted with, who does not have any piece of authority over me.

At this time in my life, both of my parents are my peers, as they no longer guide my development day to day.

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Maybe Peers refers to anyone of age from the same basic background, who has had to make choices you may have faced. Those that made the wrong choices (felons) don’t get to decide if you made wrong ones.
I would fear being peers with my parents (who are now long gone). The idea of them judging me scares me witless.

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Well for some their pet is their peer. But in the big sceem of things. No they cant.

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I think it’s context-dependent. If you’re talking about softball players, only people who are generally uncoordinated and terrible athletes are my peers. If you’re talking about science, it would take a pretty well-read layperson or another graduate student to be my peer.

For a jury, your peers are other people capable of making reasonable judgments. Your parents are capable of making the same kinds of judgments you are, so on a jury your parents could be construed as your peers.

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I think I phrased this question oddly. I am not getting the answers I want.
I guess my question really is, do you consider your parents to be in your peer group? In any shape or form?

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What gave you the impression that I see my peers as inferior?

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@tinyfaery Yes, I am at an age where my parents are now in my peer group. I think it is a different point for everyone, but usually the person can recognize that they view their parent different than they did before.

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I was lucky enough that my parents always valued my opinion, and treated me with respect even when I was a child. In our family, the children were asked to participate in decisions and make choices, but we always recognized Dad as the final authority.

Dad passed quickly, but Mom’s mind went first, and I had to take care of her as if she was a child for the last few years, but she was still my Mom, to me.

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“My idiot 19 year old nephew?”

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Um…he’s an idiot, that’s a judgment not a statement of worth.

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They’ll never be as good as I am.

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By virtue of the definition of peer I don’t think parents can ever be peers. My parents and I have a relationship that borders on best of friends yet their life experience versus my own and their position as my parents/mentors precludes us from ever being peers. Call me old fashioned but I will never be so presumptuous to think that I am “better” than them.

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@casheroo: Whoa, of what felony was he convicted? He had no felonies when we broke up, and I didn’t realize he had been arrested since.

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@girlofscience I was under the impression that he had a felony charge before I met him, because he told me he did. Two DUI’s and a misdemeanor drug possession charge, that’s all I know he’s had. He always told me his DUI was a felony, but doing some research on the laws in PA, they might not be. Hmmm. I wish I knew how to look up his record, so I actually know for sure.

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